DIRO Online Document Verification

DIRO Online Document Verification

DIRO Online Document Verification

The need for verifying customer identities is more important than ever. With the recent wave of modernization in the financial industry has brought forth a wave of fraudsters trying to access the internal systems of a financial institution. 

In the earlier days, banks used to verify documents by manually comparing them with the person available in front of them. Even before the pandemic, most financial institutions used to rely on manual document verification. 

The Covid-19 pandemic forced banks and other financial institutions to offer online financial services to their customers. It opened the way for fraudsters to trick banks and launder money using online methods. Banks can’t keep relying on old methods when fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated. 

With the latest technological advancements, it's more than easy for fraudsters to create fake documents and make financial institutions believe they’re the real deal. Financial institution employees can’t distinguish between fake and real documents. 

Without adapting to technologies, financial institutions need to get on with the times to provide utmost security to their customers. With the help of fake documents, it’s easier to open an account in someone else’s name. These accounts can then be used for money laundering and other scams. It’s too late until financial institutions uncover the scam. 

This is why we developed the DIRO online document verification solution. The DIRO online document verification solution is the perfect culmination of man-hours, brainstorming, and zeal for building a solution that works laterally throughout the industry. 

DIRO can verify online customer documents from:

  • 44,000 banks
  • 9,000 utility companies
  • 700 government sources
  • And 195 countries

DIRO offers verification of online documents in real-time, and it can support:

1. Bank Account Verification: Verification of bank documents from any bank, anywhere, in real-time.

2. Identity Verification: Verify the user identity via bank, utility, and government data. 

3. Governments Verification: Authenticate government data in real-time

4. Document Verification: Verify online documents from any source globally

5. Utility Bill Verification: Any electricity, gas, cable, water, or telecom globally

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Sub Category Identity Verification Software
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