Best IoT (Internet of Things) Companies in 2023

IoT has changed how we do things, be it in our homes, or be it in a professional setting. A range of smart devices has changed how homes and companies work. Smart cities, smart homes, smart warehouses, and connected vehicles are possible only because of IoT services.

The Internet of Things is based on the concept of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

The best example of IoT is a smart home. In a smart home, all devices are interconnected with each other. You can control the temperature of your home through the mobile app. Or, you can tell the virtual assistant to turn off the lights.

IoT has provided the power to objects to be able to communicate with one another. According to a report by Gartner, 20.4 billion IoT devices will be used in 2023.

We’ve created a list of the best Internet of things companies in the world that are helping reshape the industry.

Top-Rated Internet of Things Companies

There are millions of Internet of Things companies in the world, so you need to choose the best ones. These companies are changing every small part of our lives, so you need to know which companies are changing the world.


iTechArt is one of the oldest software development companies, and their heavy focus is on delivering feature-rich, and secure IoT solutions for start-ups and tech companies. They’ve built GPS tracking systems, smart home security solutions, and fully IoT-integrated solutions.

Services Offered:


DICEUS is a great IoT development company offering full-cycle delivery of several custom IoT apps for smart homes, the healthcare industry, solutions for researchers, etc. The company ranks as one of the best IoT development companies.

They have enough experience in building solutions for industrial IoT, manufacturing operations, and retail sensors for supply chain optimization.

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SumatoSoft is another great IoT development solutions provider. They’ve been building these software since 2012. Most of their services are targeted toward startups that want a competitive advantage in the industry.

SumatoSoft is known to offer IoT solutions for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, smart homes & cities, and automotive domains. The company’s products come with great security, scalability for future changes, fleet expansion, and so much more.

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HQ Software Industrial IoT Company (USA & Europe)

HQ Software offers multiple services like custom software development. Mobile app development, etc. HQ software is a great IoT development company that provides industrial IoT, Healthcare IoT, Smart Home, and IoT Automotive.

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If you’re looking for services like CAD, PLM, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, etc, then look for PTC. These products are available for several industries like A and Defence, Automotive, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, etc.

PTC provides solutions for IIoT. These services are available for multiple industries such as Automotive, Electronics and High Tech Hardware, Utilities, Software, Medical Devices, and more. The company’s services are more catered towards manufacturing, service, and operations.


Cisco is a great company for designing, manufacturing, and selling Internet Protocol-based networking products and for products that are related to the communications and IT industry. IoT, offers solutions for IoT Networking, IoT Gateways, IoT Operations Management, IoT Data Management, and IoT Security.

Cisco’s products and services can be used in several types of industries, such as:

ARM IoT Security Company

ARM is well known in the industry for providing products and services for Processor IP, IoT, and Designing & developing of software & tools.

The company is well-known for making 32-bit and 64-bit RISC multi-core processors. When it comes to IoT solutions, ARM provides a Device-to-Data Platform for connectivity management, device management, and data management.

ARM is also known for providing solutions for AI, IoT, and Security to a number of industries such as automotive, retail, logistics, healthcare, infrastructure, etc.