Top 7 Gaming App Development Companies

The vast availability of mobile phones boosts the demand for mobile games. There are millions of games available throughout the world. Games improve our mental strength as well as problem-solving abilities.

Video games help to decrease tension and anxiety and increase joy and enthusiasm. So, People of all age groups are playing numerous online- and offline games. Now, we can easily play online games with our friends as well on the same platform.

Who makes this happen? Mobile gaming app development companies. There are thousands of mobile app development companies in the world, but some stand out from the crowd.

There are multiple reasons for ranking at top. Based on these reasons, we’ve created a list of the top 7 gaming app development companies. Let’s start.

What Are The Top Mobile Game Development Companies?

If you have an amazing idea for a new mobile game and you want to develop it in reality, then you should take the help of game development companies. Game development companies are those tech companies that develop video games.

The scope of video game development is increasing day by day because people want to play diversified games. The top 7 gaming app development companies are as follows:

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. was originally known as Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony game studio is one of the biggest gaming studios in the world.

Initially, the gaming studio’s primary function was to handle video game development for the PlayStation.Sony Interactive Entertainment works development, production, and marketing of games, and sales of the hardware and software for the PlayStation.

Activision Blizzard was one of the biggest standalone interactive entertainment companies. Currently, Microsoft is trying to take over the company. If everything goes in Microsoft’s favor, Activision Blizzard will be a part of Microsoft in 2023.

Activision Blizzard is broken into 5 parts. Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, King Digital Entertainment, Major League Gaming, and Activision Blizzard Studios.

Epic Games is one of the biggest game development companies in the world currently. Before the name Epic Games became a house name,, it was known as Potomac Computer Systems. From 1992 - 1999, it was known as Epic MegaGames Inc.

The company developed software, video games, and Unreal Engine. All the internally developed games by Epic Games are powered by Unreal Engine.

This game studio has specialization in Unreal Engine Development, Mobile game development, Unity engine development, Serious games, and Avergames as well. It develops games for almost all the devices, such as Mobile, PC, and Console.

They develop different games which support iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

EA is one of the biggest names when it comes to game development companies. They’ve got some impressive gaming titles under their belt. In recent times, they’ve had some bad publicity due to the actions they’ve taken. Regardless, we can’t ignore the quality games they’ve brought to users all over the globe.

They also provide digital interactive entertainment services and it works on games, content, and other online services. There are 300 million players registered with this platform.

Nintendo is one of the oldest game development company in the world. It provides some games without any cost but its games start at $0.60. Nintendo was established in 1889 when it was creating hanafuda playing cards. In 1970, it started its business as a video game company. Now it provides gaming systems and games to users.

The price range of Ubisoft starts at $0.40. But it provides a Rabbids Coding game without charging a single penny. This platform contains 40+ game development studios as well.
It is a top video game publishing company and it has published lots of games for different game franchises. When we are talking about its size and revenue, it is the fourth largest company in the US and Europe.


People want to play online video games, thus the scope of game development is becoming broad. Game development companies help to design and develop video games. In addition, they also provide marketing and advertising assistance as well.
In simple words, game development companies provide complete assistance to their clients related to game development and publishing. Here I have provided a comprehensive guide on the top 7 gaming app development companies. You should read it.