Trello Review

Trello Review

Trello Review

At its core, Trello is an intuitive Kanban app, better than any other one you’ll find in the industry. Trello lets you customize the boards you create for reporting. Overall, it’s a highly capable tool that businesses can use to manage workflows within teams. 

Pros of TrelloCons of Trello
Flexible and highly customizable Kanban appNo swimlanes
Intuitive UIAdditional feature requires add-ons such as time tracking and billing
Desktop and mobile app supportNo reporting features

Trello does a lot of things right, but there are also some things it gets wrong. Businesses who love Trello love it for the features it offers. Let’s go down to the specifications of Trello.

Specifications of Trello

Price Per Month$12.50 per person
Free AccountAvailable
API Available for CustomersYes
Guest AccountsYes
Time TrackingNo
Pre-Built TemplatesYes
Android AppYes
iOS AppYes

Trello - An Overview

Trello is fun to use app that allows businesses to organize, coordinate, and track work. What makes Trello great is the incredible Kanban board, the ease of use, and collaboration capabilities with external teams. 

You should know that Trello doesn’t offer any tools for managing and rebalancing resources across projects. It's not great for traditional project management. Trello’s free plan may also not be suitable for most businesses due to its limited functionality. 

When you use Trello, you’ll have to get some add-ons for extra functionality. There are some features that you can’t even access using the add-ons. These include Swimlanes and work-in-progress reports. 

Overall, we believe Trello will be able to handle your complex needs, but you may need some time to figure it out. 

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a visually friendly method of tracking, organizing, and managing your work. Primarily, there are two main benefits of using Kanban:

  1. Great for limiting the amount of work given to an employee at any time. Helps in reducing overburden.
  2. Everyone has visibility into the work in progress, and what needs to be done. 

With proper use of Trello, businesses can improve accountability and team collaborative efforts. 

Kanban boards are incredible for managing work, building workflows, and managing workflows. If all your projects are complex and have multiple workflows, you definitely need a Kanban board to stay on top of everything. 

Trello - Price and Plans

Trello has three prices and plans to choose from

  • Free
  • Business Class 
  • Enterprise

With the free version of Trello, you can create up to 10 boards. You can’t send file attachments more than 10 MB in size. You can’t integrate your account with other apps. You can’t go over your limit of 50 automated command runs every month. Also, you get one power-up per board. 

The Power-up is basically a selling point for Trello. It shows the user's difference between the free and the paid plan. The number of features you can add depends on the type of account you choose.

The Business Class costs $12.50 per person/per month or $119.98 annually. Enterprise vary lets you use an unlimited number of power-ups per board. Both of them have a 250 MB size limit for uploading. Plus, you can create unlimited team boards in both of these plans. 

The difference between the two plans is that they offer better backend management options. 

Trello Setup

To get started with Trello, you need to put just a couple of minutes of effort. All Trello will ask for is your name, email ID, and password. As soon as you log in, you’ll be directed to your personal dashboard. You can choose to work on an untitled board or create a new one. 

On the top right corner, you’ll find your initials. These will help you change your Bio, Avatar, password, email, and language preference. You can also change your initials with a photo or an avatar. One of the best appearance settings that we loved about Trello is that color blind users can enable “Color Blind Friendly Mode.”

When you click on the top-right corner, you can additional information about keyboard shortcuts. Trello is available for macOS and Windows users using a web browser or a dedicated app. 

Features of Trello

Trello offers a wide range of features to the users. Such as

You can create main dashboards or the board page and you can name each board project.

You can add columns on the boards named ‘To Do,’ ‘Doing,’ and ‘Done.’

You can set up specific times and dates for these tasks. 

You can adjust different colors or pictures for Trello’s background. 

Users can filter the cards using colored labels.

Trello power-ups provide your boards with additional functionality.

Customize boards by adding buttons, attachments, cards, and more.

Pressing the Butler button will allow you to automate your boards.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Trello Integrations

Another great thing about Trello is the huge list of integrations. It can integrate with Slack, Google Drive, Jira, Gmail, HourStack, Box, Placker, and Gantify to name a few. 

These integrations reduce the amount of time you have to spend choosing which system to work on. You can work on a single device and combine the power of all the tools at your disposal. 

Final Verdict - Trello, Take it or Not?

Trello is a fun and easy-to-use project management solution. It operates on the basic principles of drag and drop. This allows you to work on your boards with ease. The interface is simple and makes the work easier. 

You need just a couple of minutes to set it up. Trello is a low-end project management solution if you don’t need the bells and whistles of bigger tools. If your requirements include reporting and time tracking functionalities, then you’ll be better off with some other tool. 

Trello is visually friendly and easy to navigate. You can manage your team and the tasks assigned using the boards. All the information displayed is easy to understand. Overall, Trello is a great tool to boost your business’s productivity.

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