15 Top Interior Design Firms In Chicago

Interior designers create spaces and make them attractive, functional as well as safe. Everyone wants a home that looks attractive, is safe, and secure. This is where interior design companies come in. If you’re living in Chicago, then you’re fortunate as there are so many well known interior designers to choose from.

Interior designers design your homes or offices systematically and improve their value. Many interior designers provide interior design services to hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, and homes as well. If you’re looking to revamp your home, then you’d need help from residential architecture firms Chicago. Or, you can just go through our list of top interior design firms in Chicago and see if they can fulfill your needs.

In this guide, I’ll be sharing a list of the top 15 interior design firms Chicago. Let’s get started.

Top 15 Interior Designers Companies In Chicago

There are a lot of interior design consultation Chicago firms, so you can talk to them about your needs.

Marshall Erb Design was established by Marshall Erb in 1998 in Chicago. It is the top interior designing firm in the USA. Marshall completed his degree in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Marshall Erb Design is one of the top architecture firms Chicago.

Marchall Erb is a fabulous interior designer because he has complete knowledge about furniture, artwork, textile, and color. He is a very popular interior designer in Chicago because he uses historical references in interior design.

Eileen Plunkett Psenka has 25+ years of design experience and she is running her interior design firm Eileen Plunkett Psenka Interior Design in Chicago since 2012.

Now she is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the Interior Design Society (IDS). Eileen was also awarded by Houzz Interior Designers Chicago- Best Service Award.

He has an interior designing experience of 35 years and he is the founder of a Chicago-based firm named Autonomy Micheal Interior Design.

Autonomy Micheal Interior Design is one of the best interior design companies. Micheal has developed an inspirational, functional, and aspirational approach to interior design.

He is a very skillful and impressive interior designer and is regularly working on their skills and efficiency.

Summer Thornton Design is a Chicago-based interior design firm that is famous for its fearlessly bold and colorful interiors. This firm is also considered in the top 50 interior design companies. It is a 34-year-old interior design establishment.

It provides almost all interior design services to its customers, such as home interior designing, company interior designing, hotel interior designing, etc.

Erica Lugbill is the founder of Lugbill Designs and this establishment was started in 2010 in Chicago. She is fully skilled in decoration as well as renovations. She provides interior design consultations with other interior design services. It is one of the best interior design consultation Chicago.

Lugbill Designs is one of the best hospitality design firms Chicago because it is serving almost all the services regarding interior design, such as home renovations, hotel interior designing, etc.

Lugbill Designers has highly skilled, licensed as well as insured contractors.

Carolina Brandeis has an Interior designing experience of 8 years and he has provided her services in Chicago. She is the owner of Carolina Brandeis Interior Designs, a popular residential and commercial design industry. So, it is one of the best residential architecture firms Chicago.

Carolina Brandeis is famous for both commercial as well as residential design in Chicago. She provides its unique touch at the time of design. She also uses AutoCAD and Google Sketchup to communicate her design.

Stephanie Wohlner Design was established by Stephanie Wohlner in Chicago and Stephanie Wohlner has a 25+ year experience of in residential interior designing. She has an expert in using color, texture and pattern blends, etc. It is also one of the best residential architecture firms Chicago.

Stephanie Wohlner provides almost all interior design services including Bathroom design, Furniture selection, home office design, etc. She is one of the best interior designers in Chicago because she is serving amazing interior designing services.

Tiffany Brooks is the best interior designer and serves her interior design services in Chicago. She has launched her interior design firm in 2007. And her firm is one of the top interior design firms Chicago.

She has a unique perspective in interior designing which is distinct from other designers. she is also popular for her amazing designs in interior designing competition shows, such as HGTV 2014, and 2016 Smart Home.

Michael Abrams is the founder of Michael Abrams Interiors that is a Chicago-based interior design firm.

Michael Abrams is one of the top interior designers in Chicago and he is famous for his Client specific interior design facilities.

He provides all types of interior designing services to their users, such as Basement design, Bathroom design, and home office design as well.

Fredman Design Group is the top interior design firm in Chicago with an experience of more than 40 years. Freedman Design Group has founded in 1975 in Chicago and It uses a client-centric approach as well.

Fredman Design Group has employed more than 50 employees that are highly qualified. It has a talented interior design team and it is one of the best hospitality design firms Chicago.

Perkins+Will had been serving its interior designing services since 1935 in Chicago. This interior designing firm was established by Lawrence Perkins and Philip Will, thus this firm is known as Perkins+Will.

Perkins+Will is one of the best hospitality design firms Chicago because it has a team of creative designers.

It provides almost all interior design services, such as Planning, architecture, interior design, and landscape design as well.

CannonDesign was founded in 1945 in New York and it also provides in Chicago as well. CannonDesign is a worldwide popular design firm that has a diverse team of strategists, planners, architects, engineers as well as industry specialists.

All the team members are passionate and intelligent. It provides almost all interior designing services, such as interior design consultation, engineering as well as home office interior designing, etc.

They can design educational architecture, healthcare architecture as well as sports architecture as well.

Pierre Yves-Rochon Design was established in 1979 that is the best interior design company. It currently serves its services in Chicago, Shanghai, and Paris. It is a very popular interior design firm Chicago. Pierre Yves-Rochon Design is one of the best luxury hospitality design firms Chicago.

Pierre Yves-Rochon is a 68-year-old interior designer. He has an amazing team of well-qualified designers and they have a specialization in hotel and restaurant interior design.

Alessandra Branca opened her studio in Chicago in 1981 and is one of the best interior designers in Chicago. She is known for his work in visual mediums.

She provides her interior design services in Chicago, New York, Rome as well as Harbor Island. She has good knowledge of interiors, fabric as well as furniture.

Anne Coyle has an experience of 25+ years in interior design and she is running a small interior design firm known as Anne Coyle Interiors in Chicago.

Anne Coyle is one of the best interior designers and she is passionate about her work.

Anne Coyle has worked on many luxury family apartments, single-family homes, and beach houses in Chicago, Los Angles, New York City as well as Harbour island.


Interior designing firms are super helpful if you’re looking to renovate your old home/office. Or, if you’re looking to design your home new home/office. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a firm that’s perfect for your needs.