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With the sudden wave of modernization, almost every single industry is growing. Yet, the financial industry remains one of the least modern ones. F...


With the sudden wave of modernization, almost every single industry is growing. Yet, the financial industry remains one of the least modern ones. Fortunately for users, the banking industry is also riding the wave of modernization. Banks, Credit Unions Lenders, and others are adopting the latest technologies to improve basic parts of banking. 


Unfortunately, the rise of online banking is also giving the rise to online banking fraud. Fraudsters all over the globe are trying to find loopholes in a bank’s systems to launder money, do scams, and more. 


With customer security in mind, we started DIRO. It is vital for the financial industry to get along with the modernization, and keeps fraudsters at bay. 


With the world becoming more digital, and the mainstream use of digital documents, it's essential to verify online documents. DIRO online document verification technology is the ideal solution for banks, financial institutions, credit unions, mortgage lenders, crypto exchanges, and others. 


Online document verification is becoming a common practice today to prevent fraud, ID theft, account takeover fraud, and more. According to KYC rules and regulations, verifying who a customer is essential before onboarding them. Banks can’t rely on traditional methods of verifying customer documents manually. As fraudsters are becoming more and more proficient in creating fake documents, financial institutions need a way to verify them. 


This is where DIRO Online Document Verification Solution comes in. It helps in Verifying customer identity, verifying proof of address, and complying with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations. 


DIRO Online document verification solution helps financial institutions keep up with fraudsters. The technology is the result of endless man-hours of brainstorming and then even more hours of development. 


DIRO's online document verification solution has won awards for all it has to offer. DIRO gives the power of smoother customer onboarding, seamless customer verification, robust verification reports, and more to financial institutions.


It's easy for fraudsters to create fake online documents, and create synthetic identities to trick financial institutions and other businesses. Businesses that don't have the right set of technologies to verify the information provided by banks and other institutions. This is what increases the level of fraud in the industry. DIRO verifies online documents directly from the issuing source, such as banks, government portals, and other private institutions. With over 90,000+ sources to verify these documents from globally, DIRO acts as a full-proof fraud prevention tool. By verifying document data dir


No. of Employee : 10-20
Founded In : 2019
Business Type : B2B
Website : https://diro.io/
Email Id : john.paul@diro.io
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NY 10018 USA
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