Changing the Hologram Industry - Interview with Saureshwar, Vision 3D

Vision 3D Interview

Question: What or who was the inspiration behind Vision3D?

Answer: With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the IT industry we are always on the lookout, for new technologies. I am an avid reader of any new technology which is under development or being conceptualized. During my research on the latest development in Hologram Technology, I came across the success of OpEzee India. Bringing this technology to India was the motivation to start Vision3D.

Question: Do you think India is the ideal target market for 3D hologram technologies?

Answer: In the past India has always been slow to adapt to newer technologies. This may have been due to the geo political reasons the country was facing and the overall mindset during those times. Today India is leapfrogging many developed nations not only in its economic growth, but is a front runner in adapting and introducing new technologies.

Question: Out of all the products, which one is your favorite?

Answer: While all the products which we have their unique place in the market, I feel the 3D Holographic wall is the most versatile.

Question: Which product has the potential to change the landscape of several industries?

Answer: 3D holographic wall can be used across all industries not only for virtual walkthroughs, virtual retail space, but our proprietary 3D 360 Holo Tours can also be showcased on the Wall.

Question: 5.Do you think your 3D holographic tech can be used to elevate the educational standards of today?

Answer: Holographic Technology is a great tool for use in the education sector. This will help students not only to visualize but also interact with the topic of their choice in Holograms, be it Historical events, personalities or scientific models and practicals.

Question: Why do you think your tech can be revolutionary for the real estate industry?

Answer: In a typical real estate project the builder develops multiple types of apartments to cater to different segments of the market. Eg It can be a 1BHK, 2BHK,3BHK etc. At the same time most builders also develop couple of sample flats which are extremely expensive to showcase the look and feel of apartments. Our technology can bridge this gap very effectively where all the types of apartments can be showcased from all angles is a real life experience thus making huge savings for the builder.

Question: Do you think your tech has military applications? If yes, how?

Answer: Absolutely. All our products are IOT enabled and supports LIDAR scans. Starting from War gaming on actual terrains, to 3D modelling of advanced military hardwares, all can be done using this technology.

Question: What are your plans for the company? Where do you want to see it?

Answer: The world will be moving to Hologram technology within the next couple of years, We want to be the first movers to make India aware of this futuristic technology, across all domains.

Question: Is it possible for 3D hologram tech to change the gaming industry?

Answer: The gaming industry and the metaverse is already moving into the 3D virtual space very rapidly. Now that the Hologram Technology has arrived we will be seeing rapid transitions of the gaming industry away from the bulky headgear that they currently use and start using our Holograms

Question: Will 3D walkthrough eliminate the tours that happen in museums around the world?

Answer: This is a great way of promoting tourism. People across the country and even the globe can get a life like experience without the need to travel to the particular space.