What Is Audio Conferencing?

Audio conferencing, as the word conferencing means the collaboration of two or multiple people to share ideas. Thus, audio conferencing is a type of conferencing technology where multiple people can join a meeting and share their ideas via audio only. The conversation can be done by telephone or audio conferencing software. 


Types of Audio Conferencing


Mainly there are two types of audio conferencing: point-to-point and multipoint conferencing systems. 


1. Point-to-point Conferencing System


Point-to-point conferencing system is a conferencing system where only two people can communicate and collaborate from different locations. 


2. Multipoint Conferencing System


Multipoint Conferencing System is a conferencing system where multiple or more than two people can communicate and collaborate from different locations. 


What are the Features of Audio Conferencing?


Audio conferencing is a technology that provides an efficient way of connecting people. The conferencing technology allows sharing their voice by telephone and people can successfully be done meeting without going into a physical meet-up. 


Here are some benefits every audio conferencing feature must have:


  • Hold Meetings Without Having to Travel


This is one of the most important features of any audio conferencing technology. Having meetings without having to go anywhere can save you time, and money and make you more productive. People who live in two different parts of the country or world can easily conference each other. In addition, audio conferencing supports remote working as well. 


  • Ability to Share Documents


Thankfully, using audio conferencing software, anyone can share their documents and files easily with others. Whether you have to share your presentation with your coworkers or you have to take share your resume with an interviewer, using audio conferencing you can do both things.


  • Ability to Record Meetings


Many times, people need to analyze, share or take reviews on their audio conferencing. Audio conferencing software helps you to record your meetings, thus you can review or have a look again at your conferencing.


  • Private Communication


Audio conferencing can be used by people who want to do private conversations or people who want to talk about some related topics which are sensitive. 


Advantages of an Audio Conferencing Call


1. Increased Efficiency


Audio conferencing calls enable efficient interaction and communication with each other. 


People can be more comfortable relative to face-to-face meetings. 


2. Cost-effective


Compare to traditional meeting technology, audio conferencing calls are more cost-effective and the conferencing call is also saved money as you don’t have to travel to a location.


3. Increased Participation


Sometimes, every member can not attain the meeting but an audio conferencing call makes it possible to attain meets from anywhere in the world which increases the number of participants. 


4. Multi-Purpose


There is a variety of purposes for which audio conferencing calls can be used such as business meetings, private communication, interviews, sharing documents, recording meetings, etc.