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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In the journey from our ancestors to modern humans, we always want to learn and create new things, whether we talk from the first discovery of fire to landing the first spacecraft on mars, or from a very tough life to a fully high-tech life. Humans always are good at creating and developing new things. One of our most ambitious inventions is AI. You can call Artificial Intelligence (AI) the most intelligent and advanced innovation of the 21st century.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is very popular on market, it helps a lot in almost every sector such as research, hospitality, science, technology, etc. So let’s learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning, and AI advantages. 

How Artificial Intelligence Works?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology to make the computer as same as human intelligence. Its goal is to mimic it and execute the tasks from the simplest to the most complex one. Chatbots, manufacturing robots, self-driving cars, smart assistants, and automated financial investing are some examples of Artificial Intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence approaches to achieve the cognitive ability of humans to computers or machines. As if, it can think, recognize, solve and make the decision at the level of human accuracy. 

Machine Learning and Deep Learning:

Sometimes it is confusing to find the differences between machine learning and deep learning. So first thing we have to understand that is, these two are the sub-fields of Artificial intelligence. 

  • Machine Learning:  Machine learning is all about making an automatic model or machine which makes decisions with the help of the data which is provided by humans. It identifies the pattern in the data and remembers it for future tasks. Making a house prize prediction model, Face recognition applications are some examples of machine learning. 
  • Deep Learning: Deep learning is the sub-field of machine learning. In deep learning, we don’t need to explicitly program everything. Our program or machine uses a neural network. A neural network is nothing but a teaching method in which computer process data like as human brain do. 

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

There are some following advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Reduce human error
  • Useful in Harmful and dangerous places 
  • 24x7 availability
  • Unbiased Decisions