Top 7 Restaurant Management Software For Your Restaurant

Restaurant management includes restaurant food inventory management, food cost management, labor cost management, quality management, sanitation management, etc. 

You all know that the COVID-19 pandemic badly affects the earnings of restaurants.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry is suffering from customer insufficiency problems. 

Many people are taking homemade food and eating it at home instead of restaurant-made food. Therefore the profit volume of the restaurant industry is decreasing day by day. 

On the other hand, many restaurant owners are earning huge profits after the COVID pandemic. It is because they are using some of the top restaurant management software to improve their capability and acceptability among customers.


Restaurant management software provides help with the automation of billing, CRM, stock, and inventory management, reporting, and analytics. Thus, the restaurant manager can save their precious time and devote this rest time to policy making.


Here, I will provide a complete guide about the top 7 restaurant management software for hotels and restaurants.


Top Restaurant Management Software Software For Restaurants


The top restaurant management software is given below:


1. Toast POS


This restaurant management software is amazing for bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. This application especially targets US-based businesses. Through this software, any restaurant can improve their work efficiency, and customer experience as well.


Key features 


  • Any customer can place an order through a POS Android-based tablet computer in the restaurant, this thing can save time for the waiter and the customer as well.
  • Stock management.
  • Menu management feature to handle menu pricing, menu preparation, etc.
  • Customers can pay the bills and hand out tips as well.
  • Offers automation of customer loyalty program and discount. 
  • Through it, you can monitor your staff performance with daily email alerts. These emails contain the best possible solution for the improvement of staff performance.
  • After completion of an order, it generates a notification of completion of the order.


2. When I Work 


It is an employee scheduling and time-tracking software. Using this software restaurants can save time on employee scheduling and time tracking. It is also beneficial for improving communication and improving transparency among staff.


This software specifically designs to make an efficient working environment among the staff. “When I Work” software is also good for making discipline among the staff and therefore all the work will be done on time.


Key features


  • Its scheduling feature contains a one-click scheduling feature, staff change scheduling alerts, labor forecasting, and labor reports as well.
  • It also contains a schedule enforcement feature to make better control over employees.
  • Through it, you can manage your staff attendance and pay rates, etc.
  • Ease in time tracking and discipline control.


3. 7shifts


It is very powerful employee scheduling software with schedule shift management. It also provides affordable employee attendance facilities. Through its integrated communication tool, managers can communicate with their staff.


Key features 


  • You can easily create and modify your schedules using 7shifts.
  • It has its native mobile application, so restaurant managers can use this app from anywhere and approve any schedule easily.
  • It also provides in-app messaging as well as push and email notification features.  
  • It can also easily integrate with payroll software.
  • It provides comprehensive analytics with forecasting features.
  • Through it, any manager can simply check sales and inventory-related numerical data- in real-time.
  • Through this application, managers can send one-way and all-call messages to staff.


4. TouchBistro


The TouchBistro platform can automate almost all the restaurant's processes, virtually. Through it, restaurants can manage orders, and tables as well. Managers can simply access this software on their iPad. They can easily access TouchBistro from anywhere.


Key features


  • Its system can work during an internet outage.
  • Through its cloud, managers can easily monitor their businesses from anywhere.
  • It is coming with a Self-Ordering Kiosk that is helpful for fast food services to improve their efficiency.
  • Through the iPad, any manager can easily manage tables, bills and menu updates, etc.
  • This software provides some important tips or suggestions to improve business profitability.
  • It prevents order errors and provides a richer customer experience.


5. Oracle Hospitality


Oracle Hospitality is a suite of software, hardware, and cloud solutions, specifically designed to improve efficiency in hotel and restaurant operations. It was designed to improve the profit of Restaurant and hotel businesses. 


Key features


  • It contains tools to create property management and point to the sales systems.
  • Managers can manage restaurant operations, increase efficiency, and can improve customer experiences.
  • It provides deeper insight into customer behavior to improve productivity and as well as profit.
  • Customers can easily book and reserve tables using its facilities.
  • It also assists with guest management, finances, loyalty management, etc.


6. Sapaad


It is a POS and delivery management software specifically designed to provide ease for restaurant businesses. It is a very efficient software for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and other food service businesses. It makes online ordering processes simple.


Through this software dashboard, restaurant staff can browse available menu categories, place orders and add customer preferences, etc. This application also provides the status of all the tables at the restaurant.


Key features


  • It can provide information about all the expired items and damaged items etc.
  • Through its robust business dashboard, a restaurant owner can judge a restaurant's goodwill on a real-time basis.
  • With the assistance of this software, any restaurant owner can focus on policy-making.


7. Clover 


Clover is an integrated POS software. It is helpful for small and medium restaurants. Its user-friendly interface makes order-taking and payment acceptance easy. With this software restaurant owners can accept their payments through checks, NFC, and mobile wallets as well.


Key features


  • Through Clover, the restaurant owner can improve their dining experience.
  • This software provides a digital receipt feature with one tapping facility.
  • This application makes safer online transactions.
  • It can customize orders with descriptive modifiers to ensure the correctness of orders.
  • Through this software restaurant owners can easily track sales and revenue.
  • You can monitor all the details including sales and revenue details, order details, and detail about top-selling items through mobile devices.




Restaurant management tools are vital for restaurants because they provide different types of automation, such as automation in order placing, sales and revenue tracking, online payment management and staff management, etc.