Difference Between Social Media Marketing And Social Media Advertising

Today people are using lots of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. These platforms provide social media marketing facilities as well as advertising facilities.


Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing. It uses social media platforms to promote the content of businesses to generate leads and demand for their products and services. 


On the other hand, social advertising is a type of online advertisement. Businesses can advertise their products on social media platforms. This is the modern way of advertising to generate demand for the goods and services of businesses.


 If you want to increase the sales volume you must use both social media marketing and social media advertising as well. Both social media marketing and advertising can improve the leads and demand for businesses.


Do you know the difference between social media marketing and social media advertising? If you don’t then here’s a blog for you.


What Is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing starts with creating a profile of a business on the relevant social media platforms. You should choose any platform for your business according to your needs and preferences. For example:


  • B2B businesses like the LinkedIn platform to make their social media profile.
  • Builders and developers use Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram. The platform is incredible for showcasing photos of products and services. 


Interaction and engagement are essential components of social media marketing. If you want to improve your interaction with others then you must like, comment, and share their content. And you must post and share your original content. 


There are lots of benefits of social media platforms, such as building brand value and reputation building for businesses. Through social media marketing, you can convert your leads into existing customers. This act will improve your revenue as well as overall profits.


Top Social Media Platforms For Marketing


Each social media platform provides different marketing opportunities. So, you should use almost all the platforms to promote your product.


  • Twitter: This platform is great for sharing links, but it can share only 280 words in a tweet. So it is not suitable for long content.


  • Instagram: This platform provides image-sharing facilities. Here you only can share content related to images without any link.


  • Facebook: You can share personalized content with your audience. Here you can provide user-generated content, industry-related content, stories, etc.


  • LinkedIn: You can easily post original content on the LinkedIn platform. You can post LinkedIn statuses up to 700 characters on a company page posts and 1300 characters on statuses on an individual account.


What Is Social Media Advertising?


Social media advertising includes running paid ads on numerous social media platforms such as photo advertisements, messenger ads, video advertisements, conversational ads, etc.


With the help of these platforms, you can expand your business and increase your sales. Social media platforms charge money according to pay-per-click ( PPC) or cost-per-impression basis.


You can promote numerous things in social media ads, such as how to guide, general information about your products and services, and your running promotion as well. You must create your advertisement clear, concise, and eye-catching. 


Social Media Platforms For Advertising 


Social media platforms also provide advertising facilities after taking money. After taking the facilities of social media sites you can improve the reach of your product and services throughout the world. These platforms are given below:


  • Twitter: It helps to advertise Promoted Ads, Follower Ads, and Trend Takeover with its effective ad formats and targeting tools.


  • Facebook: It helps businesses to improve their brand awareness, lead base, and sales base as well. Here you can create an ads objective, select your target audience, monitor your ads, etc.


  • Instagram: It offers business profiles to businesses. Instagram ads use the same targeting algorithms as Facebook.


  • LinkedIn: It promotes business-related ads and it helps businesses to generate leads, improve sales volume and convert leads into an existing customer.


Difference Between Social Media Marketing And Social Media Advertising


The difference between social media marketing and social media advertising is not so complicated. Social media advertising includes paid methods(like PPC ads) of promotion, whereas social media marketing includes unpaid methods( like posts and shares) of promotion. All advertising is marketing but all marketing is not advertising.


  • Importance of social media marketing: It helps you to build the lead base, existing customer base,  sales volume, brand value, etc.


  • Importance of social media advertising: It helps you to increase your sales volume, amount of revenue, brand loyalty, brand reach, etc. It is also beneficial for customers to improve their knowledge of the product.


Both the marketing and advertising methods of promotions are vital in today’s cutthroat competitive world. 




The main purpose of both marketing and advertising is to promote products and services to generate leads and revenue. Social media advertising includes paid promotional methods. But social media marketing campaigns include unpaid methods of promotion, such as blog comments, likes, shares, comments, etc.  


But both advertising and marketing work to improve brand loyalty and goodwill of the business.