How To Create an Email Newsletter - Complete Process

What do you look for in an email newsletter? These newsletters are suitable for your website, blog, or e-commerce business to promote your stuff.


An email newsletter helps businesses make quality relationships with their customers. Moreover, it’s a great way to ask people to come to visit your website again. You could ask them to check out some new blog, some new offer, or something else altogether. 


Now email newsletter creation has become fairly easy. Even if you have limited knowledge about the technicality, you can still come up with an email newsletter. 


Just knowing how to create an email newsletter isn’t enough. Knowing how to make it attractive enough for users to click on it and then visit your website is the real challenge. 


We’ve created this guide to help you teach how to create an email newsletter. Newsletters that can help you generate an additional audience, and ensure that your current audience keeps coming back.


What Is An Email Newsletter?


An email newsletter allows website owners to send updates via email like news, and tips, about your products or services. It’s in the nature of customers to find new products and therefore they visit different websites to find quality products and services. If a user wants an update later on, then they can leave a video We can convert these users into leads, subscribers or contacts, etc.


Through email newsletters, Organizations and individuals can send user product information and new arrivals, etc. Websites and blogs use email newsletters to send contact updates, and increase traffic, and leads.


Many users ask if they create a business newsletter for their business, will it increase leads and customer base? Most of the time, the answer is “Yes.”


Email newsletters are great for small businesses, e-commerce websites, non-profit organizations, online education providers, and other information providers. 


Millions of businesses out there use an email newsletter to bring more people to their websites. Sometimes, an email newsletter is also used to generate leads. 


Step By Step Guide on How to Create an Email Newsletter


1. Choose an Email Marketing Software

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is find great email marketing software. Without email marketing software, can’t successfully run your email newsletter campaign. 


There are many newsletter tools that you can try your hand at. Some of the biggest names include Constant Contact, Hubspot, Sendinblue, Omnisend, AWeber, Drip, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and others.


Based on customer reviews, I want to suggest Constant Contact. Constant Contact is a good and user-friendly email marketing platform. It provides you with quick access to drag-and-drop facilities.


They also provide advanced email list growth tools, amazing templates, A//B testing to edit your email accordingly, detailed reporting to track your conversion rates, and much more. This marketing provider provides its user with a 14- day trial.


  • First, you search and click on the sign-in button on the website of Constant Contact. 
  • After that, sign up by entering your email ID and password.
  • After filling out the information, go to the login page.
  • After signing in, you can manage your email list as well as subscribers thus you can send email newsletters to your visitors.


2. Email List Creation


An email list is generally a contact list of user subscribers. To build an email list, set up a pop-up on your website, asking users to sign up for your newsletter. If there’s something of value in your newsletter, users will automatically sign up. 


Before you just blast an email newsletter to the subscribers, try it out on yourself. Once you get the email, check for things that seem out of place. Fix the email newsletter as much as you can and then send it to your subscribers. 


To be able to do so, you need to create your “Contacts” list, here’s the step-by-step process on Constant Contact.


  • First, tap on the “Contacts” link in the top menu, and then make sure to add yourself to the list.
  • This platform will ask you to give a name to the list. Write a name that can help you find it easily.
  • Click on save.
  • For starting the email list, it will demand at least one contact to add on.
  • Thereafter, click on the “Add Contacts” button and you can add your contacts to your list manually.


  • It will show a popup asking “how you would like your contacts”.
  • Click on “Create a new contact” button.
  • Put your email ID, and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Now, you fill in the rest of the contact details.
  • On the next page, you should fill in your contact details.
  • Then you just fill in the name and job title of the contact.
  • After scrolling down you can put your addresses, mobile numbers, and custom fields.
  •  After filling it out, you may click on the “Create” button


3. Configure Your Email List Settings


When any user joins your newsletter and then this welcome email message will be sent to them.


  • First, click on the “Campaigns” link.
  • Now on the “Create” button.
  • Next, you choose the “Email Automation” option.
  • And now click on  “Email Automation Type.”
  • Then select “ Welcome Email Templates.”
  • Simply type ‘welcome email’ and then the ‘Save’ button 
  • After that, you will go to the “Default Settings” welcome email.
  • Now, you should select a list to send the email to. For it click the “Send To Selected Lists” option next.
  • Then select the list you created earlier.
  • Then you tap on the “Save” option, and you should take a screenshot of the summary of the email campaign.
  • By clicking on Demo Inc. You can check whether the email newsletter is working or not
  • Under the option ‘Send This Email’ there is an option of ‘Create New Email’. 
  • After clicking on it you can create an email that will be sent.
  • After that, it will show a message to select templates for the email newsletter. You can use these facilities on the mobile screen.
  • Choose a template that you want to present in your email newsletter.
  • You must give your campaign a suitable title that must suit your workings. This will help you to recognize your newsletter campaign. Now you just edit the name of the campaign accordingly.
  • Go ahead and click on the ‘United…’ link on the top left corner of the screen, and edit it. Then give a suitable name to your respected campaign.
  • Then, you should start editing ‘the newsletter design’ by following these steps


  • It is a drag-and-drop editor, through it you can drag elements simply. It has a “point and edit facility’’ also.
  • You can also replace or edit the logo with your company's logo, add your brand header to replace this default header, change font size, customize the email, etc.
  • Once you give a look at your email according to your interest. Then you tap on “Continue”.
  • After a click, you will return to the welcome email campaign page.
  • Lastly, top on the Active option at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Save it and then activate your welcome email.


  • When it asks, tap on the “Continue” option. Then Constant  Contact will verify all the associated problems with this campaign.
  • You have configured a “ welcome email” campaign successfully. From now when new users join their email with your website they will receive this message.


4. Adding Newsletter Sign-up Forms to Get More Subscribers


Now that you’ve created your ‘email list. Now is the time for its promotion. The simplest way to receive more subscribers is through “Newsletter Sign-up” forms on your existing website. 


Many marketing services are providing ready-made sign-up forms that you can easily buy to add to your respective website. However, these sign forms do not always look good and sometimes do not fit your needs. 


For improving their email marketing strategy clever or smart business owners and professional marketing institutions are using custom newsletter forms.


5. Sending Your First Email Newsletter 


After attaching a newsletter signup form to your website, gradually you will start getting subscribers. Once they get your welcome email, these new subscribers will wait for your upcoming newsletter emails. You can now start sending newsletter emails to your subscribers.


Constant Contact contains an incredibly easy-to-use, powerful, and user-friendly email builder with many beautiful templates. This email builder can easily fit with all email clients like Outlook, Gmail, and others.


Creation of marketing campaigns and sending company newsletter emails is simple because it does not require HTML and coding.


  • Simply open the Constant Contact website and sign up for your account. 
  • Then at the top of the screen, just tap on the “Campaigns menu.”
  • The Campaign page shows all the current, past, and automated email campaigns.
  • After tapping on the “Create” option,  you can start work on a new email.
  • You will be asked next to start a campaign type and you will click on “ Email”. 
  • Thereafter you simply choose an email template for your newsletter. Constant Contact contains lots of ready-made templates related to different industries, campaigns, and types of email.
  • Here you can easily edit and add your logo and images to your email newsletters. Once you have done the required edit and save a template for future campaigns.
  • In my opinion, you should start with your own brand mark. This tutorial will help you while making a new email newsletter.


6. Adding your blog post to the Email Newsletter


  • You can simply add the newsletter content to WordPress posts. All you have to do is drag and drop the  “Read More” block in your email after tapping the “More “ button.
  • After that you should tap on the “ Read More” block and then the “ Edit” option.
  • Then you will see a popup where you should provie the link you want to add to your blog post.
  • If you will go to the preview of the article’s featured image and description. For adding your newsletter, now you click on the ‘Insert’ button. 
  • For adding more blogs you must follow this process.
  • After completing your content, you must proofread your emails to ensure to check mistakes in punctuation, grammar, and formatting. It is a good idea to click through any link in your email to ensure it works according to our intention.
  • If your email’s design and contents are according to your expectation then you can move ahead by clicking the “Continue” button.
  • On the next screen, just select an email list to send the newsletter that you want to send to your website visitors. Constant Contact allows you to send the email to an entire email list of target audiences.
  • Then you spent some time checking other email settings of the page.
  • Finally, you need to decide whether this email is sent to your subscriber instantly or after some time.
  • To send newsletters now tap on the ‘Send Now’ button at the top right corner of the screen and the ‘Schedule’ button to send it later.
  • Now you have successfully created and scheduled your first email newsletter.


7. How To Get More Emails Subscribers


Half of the world's population is using email. 48% of users in the world said that they would like to receive email newsletters of their favorite brands, according to another study.


It is an important fact that users prefer to get emails from the intended businesses. Here are some ways you can increase email subscribers:


  • Use Multiple Signup Forms 


There are many startups or small businesses that create email newsletters and forget about them. This is not good for any new coming business because there is a principle that more email newsletter signups more customers or fewer email newsletter signup fewer customers.


If you have multiple signup forms, then you can attract customers to fill out your newsletter signup forms while visiting your website. According to a case study, social media examiners use multiple sign-up forms and creative strategies. These strategies help them to get more email subscribers.


  • Use Lead Management To Capture More Subscribers


Lead management is very important to join leads with your email newsletter. They can give users instant satisfaction and value for performing an action. 


  • Content Upgrades Offer


Content upgrades offer you bonus content that you can download after logging up for your newsletter. It can work similarly to lead management.


Users can easily upgrade to their existing contact in the form of a booklet, a PDF download of the article, a research report, a case study, and more.


  • Use Social Media To Grow Your Email List 


Social media platform is a place where you can make your followers and turn them into email subscribers. Therefore you should provide your email newsletter on social media sites or channels. 


  • Using Giveaways  To Grow Your Email List


Viral giveaways are one of the strongest and super speedy ways to build an email list. Viral giveaways help you to convert website visitors into brand ambassadors. After that, you will get more website traffic, email subscribers, as well as social media engagement. This is a cheaper method to grow your email list.


For adding multiple actions you can use your social media followings to widen your email list. And you also work to grow your social following and traffic.


  • Creating High-Converting Landing Pages


High-converting landing pages can increase and boost your conversions. Landing pages target to boost your conversion ability. Through it, you can create landing pages for webinar registration as well as lead forms, lead magnets, and more.


8. Making Money From Your Email Newsletter


“The money is in the list” is a proverb that is famous among marketers.

Every dollar you spend on email marketing will back a return average of $32 in the future. There are some of the simplest ways to make money from your email newsletter which are presented below:


  • Sell Your Product


Through email newsletters, you can update your customers or updates about upcoming special offers, discount deals, or information about facilities. 


When you are trying to sell your products, you should follow the ‘value value value pitch’ formula. It is mandatory that you should offer three times more value than your revenue collection. You can also provide a demo and free samples through it.


  • Upsell Products And Services


Upselling is a technique of sales that influences customers to purchase something extra, like an upgrade or add-on product. You can easily send personalized offers to your subscribers.


  • Affiliate Marketing 


It is a referral program where retailers pay you a commission when users purchase their product through your referral link.


Through it, you can diversify your products or services chain according to your user's intent. You can also attach affiliate links, coupons, and reviews to your email newsletters.


  • Advertisements, Or Rating Out Your Email List 


After growing your email list, you can give your email on rent and earn money. By providing a rental facility to your users you can earn extra money. You can see a lot of individuals with a good understanding of the potential of email marketing. 


They could benefit you by improving your subscribers through email newsletters. 

Here you can easily find those people interested in these specific products, services, or industries.


9. Keep Your Email Newsletter Out of Spam


In 2012, 69% of emails were registered as spam. The number was reduced to 45.1% by march 2021. The main reason for decreasing spam email numbers was that email marketing tools are using spam detection technologies. These detection technologies are quite sensitive and can wrongly mark your email message as spam.


I always recommend you should track your own email metrics to ensure that your email newsletter design does not have anything that would trigger spam. If your email shows spam on your visitors' email account then your email newsletter is facing one of the below issues:


  • You Did Not Use Double Opt-In


Do you know Constant Contact requires users’ permission or accent for sending them emails? This is done when users are verifying their email addresses after signing in.


However, you can manually fill in email addresses. if you misuse this function and add an email address for a random source, then your message will end up in spam.


  • Sender Email Address Was Used For Spam


You should check that your sender's email address should not be used to send spam or malware. If you send any malware to your sender then your email campaign with the same sender address will mark up as spam. So, to ensure high deliverability, you should create a business email address for your email newsletters.


  • Misleading Subject Lines 


Misleading email subjects create troubles, thus many users report such emails and spam algorithms as spam.


The common misleading subject lines are given below, you should not use these lines in your newsletter.


  1. Urgent: update your information. 
  2. Thanks for your order.
  3. You have won a prize.


You should put some good and acceptable lines.


  • You Include Inaccurate Information 


Many countries of the world have many anti-spam laws. And the senders must provide a valid sender email address, a complete address of the company, and an unsubscribe link in the email message. 


When these required things are missing in your newsletter email, they must be declared as spam. Basically, you should follow some rules and regulations provided by your email marketing software and from now on you must adopt rational or lawful practices.




The email newsletter is a very good and amazing tool for digital marketing. Through it, we can increase our sales base and leads. It can be a good source to provide new updates regarding your company systematically. Now all businesses are using this tool of marketing to improve their turnover and links to improve turnover in the future.