Best Free File Hosting Websites and Services

We share and consume a lot of data, so it makes sense that we need a place to store them. So, you can use many free file hosting and cloud storage services you can take advantage of. Regardless of how you want to use these software, they are sure to help you store your files. 


In this guide, we’ll be discussing some of the best free file hosting websites and platforms. Let’s begin.


Top-Rated File Hosting Platforms 2023


1. MediaFire - Free File Hosting and Storage


MediaFire ranks on top of our list of the best free file hosting service. It offers a lot of virtual storage space. It has multiple plans and features and it is used by 150 million clients. The free file hosting storage service is incredible to use. 


Features of MediaFire


  • One-time usage link for data sharing.
  • Collaborative environment.
  • A large number of applications.


Pros of MediaFire:


  • 10 GB free space.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Multiple Downloads.


Cons of MediaFire:


  • 4 GB size limit for each file.
  • The free plan has ads.
  • No data encryption and can be susceptible to data breaches.


2. 4Shared - Best Permanent File Hosting


4Shared is a highly popular hosting website and it offers the ability to store files in a cloud and access them whenever and wherever. 


This file hosting service was the biggest service up until one decade ago. Now, competitors have outpaced the 4Shared.


Features of 4Shared:


  • Compatibility with different operating systems and devices.
  • Can stream video files. 
  • Seamless file sharing with a download link.


Pros of 4Shared:


  • 15 GB free storage.
  • Easy to use drag and drop UI.
  • Ability to restore files.


Cons of 4Shared:


  • The file size limit is 2 GB.
  • The free plan contains ads.
  • Can not resume stopped file transfers.


3. Zippyshare - Free Unlimited File Hosting Website


Zippyshare’s website may not make it look like but it's one of the best hosting websites. It's one of the best solutions out there. It's an unlimited file hosting website, and it offers a range of features.


Features of Zippyshare:


  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • No extra or hidden charges.
  • Zero download limits.


Pros of Zippyshare:


  • Automatic splitting of big files.
  • One-click file download functionality.
  • No download limits.


Cons of Zippyshare:


  • The data host period is 30 days. All the data gets deleted after a month. 
  • The file limit is 500 MB.
  • Only a web-based interface is available. 


4. Google Drive - Most Popular File Sharing Website


Google Drive is one of the biggest cloud storage service providers in the world. It offers 15 GB of free storage space for all those who have a Google Account. 


According to data released by Google, there are more than 1 billion users who upload and download files on the server. 


Features of Google Drive:


  • Incredible file sharing services. 
  • Drive can be integrated with a number of integrations. 
  • Fast and easy file sharing.


Pros of Google Drive:


  • 15 GB free cloud storage. 
  • Incredible data protection features. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Supports all the devices.


Cons of Google Drive:


  • File upload features can be really slow.
  • The search feature is not accurate.


5. Dropbox - Simple File Hosting Service


Dropbox is one of the biggest names when it comes to file hosting services.  It’s one of the biggest competitors of Google Drive as it has a range of incredible features.


According to recent data, Dropbox has over 600 million users. 


Features of Dropbox:


  • Encrypted cloud storage for data protection. 
  • Simple and seamless file sharing options. 
  • A lot of integrations with other services. 


Pros of Dropbox:


  • 2 GB of free cloud storage.
  • User-friendly file sharing environment. 
  • File syncing is available for 3 devices. 


Cons of Dropbox:


  • Non-intuitive interface.
  • Requires a lot of local device storage to run.


6. Box - Free Secure File Hosting


Box is another file hosting service. They offer a simple and fast “share file” feature that makes it possible to send a file instantly. 


Box is more famous with businesses that want deeper collaborative functions. But, it also offers an individual plan that’s free. 


Features of Box:


  • 10 GB free storage
  • File changes tracking.
  • Can be integrated with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. 


Pros of Box:


  • Safe file sharing because of encrypted data. 
  • The desktop app is available.
  • Multi-factor authentication for user protection.


Cons of Box:


  • Only a single file version is available.
  • The single file limit is 250 MB.
  • The internal dashboard needs improvement. 


7. AnonFiles - Best File Hosting Service for Anonymous Upload


If you want to store and share your files anonymously, then AnonFiles is the best option for you. It’s a reliable solution for all those who want security and privacy. 


The platform offers the functionality of storing files on virtual cloud storage and it makes sure it stores personal data. 


Features of AnonFiles:


  • Share files anonymously.
  • No need to build an account to store and share files.
  • 20 GB file limit.


Pros of AnonFiles:


  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Link-based access to files.
  • No additional features.


Cons of AnonFiles:


  • There’s no customer support.
  • A lot of users share malicious links.


8. Microsoft OneDrive - Best Document Sharing Website


The Microsoft OneDrive is a great solution that allows you to store and share files reliably. 


While the free plan isn’t anything great, the paid plans are worth every penny.


Features of Microsoft OneDrive:


  • 5 GB of storage in the free plan.
  • Mobile app for online file storage. 
  • Incredible file sharing feature. 


Pros of Microsoft OneDrive:


  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Allows users to access upload files offline
  • Personal vault for 3 files. 


Cons of Microsoft OneDrive:


  • No expiring links for sharing files. 
  • No malware detection.
  • Can not restore deleted files. 


9. WeTransfer - Best Email-Based File Sharing and Hosting Website


WeTransfer is one of the best email-based sharing websites that helps upload files seamlessly. All you need is an email address. 


Additionally, WeTransfer offers the facility to set up a free account. With the free account, you get a small amount of disk space and store files in the cloud.


Features of WeTransfer:


  • Simple file sharing features. 
  • 2 GB free storage.
  • Every uploaded file is encrypted.


Pros of WeTransfer:


  • Highly intuitive UI.
  • Notifications for file download.


Cons of WeTransfer:


  • Can not resume an interrupted download. 
  • Stored files expire in 7 days. 
  • The service compresses files that you share. 


10. Wikisend - No-Registration Free File Hosting Service


Wikisend is a completely free file hosting and sharing platform. The service is not the most feature-rich. Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t offer unlimited cloud storage. 


Although, the service helps you share small files and backup files on the cloud. A user wants to go to the site and enter a code to download the file. 


Features of Wikisend:


  • Easy to use simple interface.
  • Users can password-protect their files. 
  • Users get email notifications whenever someone downloads a file. 


Pros of Wikisend:


  • Users can share descriptions of files while sharing them. 
  • Files expire after 90 days. 
  • Users can fix bulk file sharing.


Cons of Wikisend:


  • No link-sharing features are available. 
  • The maximum file size is 100 MB.


Conclusion - Best File Sharing and Storing Features


That concludes our list of the top 10 file sharing and storing features. All of them offer great services and offered cloud access for free. However,  most of them don’t help you make backups of your files. Although, if you need tools just to share files, then you can use either of these tools.

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