8 Best ClickFunnels Alternative - Streamline Your Leads and Sales

Generating leads from every possible source is crucial for businesses. ClickFunnels is a tool that helps precisely in this. ClickFunnels create sales funnels that take the leads onto a journey, hoping for them to convert into paying customers. ClickFunnels is great for WordPress websites to generate and convert leads. This is why it has become an incredibly popular tool for creating landing pages, growing email lists and generating leads, and making sales.


ClickFunnels is good but it is a costly option. Moreover, the customization options are limited. So, you’re left with no choice other than to find ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress. There are a lot of best ClickFunnels alternatives you can use to generate leads for your WordPress website. 


In this guide, we’ll be discussing the best clickfunnels for WordPress. You can use these alternatives to generate leads for a variety of businesses across multiple industries. 


ClickFunnel Alternative For Lead Generation


People know that lead generation is a very important part of businesses and businesses are regularly searching for leads. The sales funnel can generate leads for its users. Once anyone’s website starts receiving traffic, it is essential to capture visitors' details because these people are considered the leads or potential customers.


When people provide their email addresses for marketing messages, now it has become easy to nurture and convert them into prospective or future customers.

Here are some best ClickFunnels alternative tools for lead generation which can be used by anyone for making better lead-profit relations.


1. OptinMonster


It is a popular lead-generating tool for creating high conversion options, website popups, inline forms, and many more. You can integrate OptinMonster with email platforms such as Aweber, GetResponse, and Constant Contact for converting leads into customers.


OptinMonster comes with 75 beautifully designed templates optimized for high conversion. If you aren’t a fan of the pre-built templates, then you can easily customize the templates using OptinMonster’s powerful drag and drop builder. 


2. TrustPulse


TrustPulse calls itself a social proof notification plugin for WordPress. By TrustPulse you can make invisible leads visible. Sounds interesting? By using TrustPulse you can generate a sense of trust in the visitors of your website. Once visitors trust your brand, they’re sure to try your product/service at least once. 


When people will see other visitors' purchase notifications and reviews then they will definitely attract the leads or visitors to purchase things or services. Through it, businesses can present event notifications on specific landing pages and check their conversion analytics in a single dashboard.


ClickFunnel Alternative for Landing Page Design


Any good sales funnel builder should be able to create optimized landing pages. The design and the structure of the landing page engage visitors reading and watching the page creation or provided stuff.


 You should know that if your page is creative and attractive then there is no one who can stop people from visiting your page. Therefore you should improve your content and make it acceptable to the people.


Here are some ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress for designing landing pages.


3. SeedProd


It is the number one landing page builder. It provides facilities for designing pages and it is a perfect alternative for ClickFunnels drag and drop builder. It is the best ClickFunnels for WordPress when any user wants to create any landing page for his/her website.


You all know that landing pages help market your product and make leads and customers. SeedProd will definitely increase your overall sales and also your sales base.


ClickFunnel Alternative for Product Sales


ClickFunnels provides in-built features for sales. On the other hand, when you want to create an online store you can select from a range of products. Here are our top options of ClickFunnels alternative for WordPress for selling products or services.


4. Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is great for selling online products that can be downloaded. This includes e-books, plugins, software zips, files, and other digital content. This ClickFunnels Alternative is simple to use and helps you manage download records. 


You can also create discount coupons with the tool and keep track of your sales. To provide a hassle-free buying experience, you can simply integrate it with any good payment gateway.


5. WooCommerce


It is a free e-commerce plugin provided by the WordPress platform. Through it you can quickly sell your digital as well as physical products easily. WooCommerce is pretty basic in intself. But you can improve the features by integrating it with other tools. This plugin is very vastly used and you may easily get it.


ClickFunnels Alternative for Managing Subscriptions


Here are some ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress in the field of managing subscriptions.


6. MemberPress


It is the best plugin for the user of  WordPress because it is beginner friendly and can create online courses, membership sites, and sell downloadable products. 


Through it, you can give updates regarding new policies and offers to your premium customers first.


You can also integrate Zapier with MemberPress to create automated workflows and without writing code, you can build a streamlined process.


ClickFunnels Alternative for Analytics


If you want a ClickFunnels Alternative for better analytical capabilities, then here are some that we consider great. 


7. MonsterInsights


This is the best analytics tracking tool that’s used by millions of websites worldwide. You can integrate it with Google Analytics and get easy access to all the data directly in your WordPress Dashboard. 

It also helps you to save time and it does not require you to log in with Google analytics every time for tracking reports. It shows you all the top-performing pages, posts, traffic reports, and all other statuses in real-time, etc.


It is very important for every business they should analyze data relating to their leads and their performance in sales.


ClickFunnels Alternative for Affiliate Program Management


Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to increase and build your sales base or product sales. ClickFunnels alternative for WordPress in the field of managing affiliates are as follows:


8. AffiliateWP


Affiliate WP is an incredible tool for your WordPress Website. If you want to take advantage of affiliates, then the tool allows you to create and manage an affiliate program with easy steps. 


The steps to create an affiliate program is super easy. You can set everything up and get it running in a matter of minutes. The dashboard offered by AffiliateWP helps you with real-time tracking of your affiliate referrals, earnings, and affiliate registrations.




We have checked lots of the ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress.The initial version of most of these plugins are free and you can download and set them up in a mere minutes. The upgraded version of these ClickFunnels alternatives may demand a tiny amount.