Best YouTube to OGG Converters in 2023 - How to Choose?

Those who love to download YouTube videos know all about YouTube video downloaders. There are a lot of ways to download YouTube videos for free, but the best and easiest method according to us is the YouTube to OGG converter. 


Millions use YouTube to OGG converter to download YouTube videos. The reason is simple, it helps you save storage and help you enjoy videos in better quality. YouTube OGG converter is the best option to use if you want YouTube video download.


If you’re not sure what YouTube OGG converter is and how it works, no issues. By the end of the blog, you’ll learn all about it how they work. Let’s start with our guide on the best YouTube to OGG converter. 


What is the OGG File Format?


An OGG file is an audio file. It’s similar to an .MP3 file format. The files contain audio data saved in the OGG container format and are compressed by Vorbis audio compression. 


OGG files sometimes metadata such as artist information and track data. Before 2007, OGG files were used to save various types of media, but since then the Xiph.Org foundation recommends that OFF files should be used to store audio files only. 


Best YouTube to OGG Converter Available Today


There are hundreds of YouTube OGG converters out there. Our team sat down over the weekend to test out 2 dozen tools. Out of these, we chose the top 7 tools to make up our list. Here’s the complete breakdown of our top 7 YouTube to OGG converter tools:

  2. CoConvert
  3. Ontiva
  5. Convertio
  6. VideoProc
  7. YouTubeConvert


1. - Best  YouTube to OGG Converter for Multiple Platforms


The first thing to know about is that it's completely free to use. It allows you to YouTube video download directly from the web, and it converts them into an OGG format.


The YouTube to OGG converter is a simple tool that allows you to convert YouTube videos. We love it because it’s easy to use, and the UI is super simple. For beginners, there’s no better platform. 


Moreover, the also allows you to convert complete YouTube playlists to OGG in minutes. Although, you can download videos in batches of up to 20 videos at a time.


The conversion process is quick, simple, and easy, and it doesn’t require any technical tinkering. Even the least tech-friendly people on our team were able to navigate through the website with ease. 


To download and convert videos in batch, you just need to copy and paste the links in batch.


If we have to talk about the best feature of the website, it’s that it allows you to download subtitles. These subs are created automatically by Google Translator. 


There’s “no need to sign in” on the platform to download the videos.


2. CoConvert - Best  YouTube to OGG Converter for On-Site YouTube Video Search


CoConvert is another YouTube OGG converter that allows for fast video download from YouTube. What makes this tool stand out is you can download entire playlists at the best possible quality. 


Not just OGG, you can use this website as:


  • YouTube to WAV converter
  • YouTube to MP3 converter
  • YouTube to MA4 converter
  • YouTube to FLAC converter
  • YouTube to OPUS converter
  • YouTube to WEBM converter
  • YouTube to MP4 converter


You can use the service on desktop, or on a mobile browser. The tool even has its very own native search engine. Users don’t have to go to YouTube before selecting the videos.


CoConvert lets you download multiple YouTube videos at the same time. And if you want to download the entire playlist, you can do that as well. Same as, you can’t download more than 20 videos simultaneously.


The online app doesn’t store any videos that users download. Plus, you don’t have to log in to be able to use the tool.


3. Ontiva - Best Online YouTube to OGG Converter for Separating Audio & Video


Ontiva is another YouTube OGG converter allowing you to YouTube video download. The website focuses mainly on converting YouTube videos to MP3 files. The website uses incredible conversion tech, so you can convert any video into audio files. 


The online app lets users download YouTube playlists, crop the videos, or cut them before downloading. This tool makes sure that the quality of converted files is retained in the OGG format. 


You can download up to 4GB of converted data. All your information is protected as Ontiva claims. The website is protected by SSL encryption which protects all the interactions you do online. 


The UI is incredibly simple and makes video conversion super easy. There are no ads on the page, and the user experience is friendly.


Ontiva Pricing


  • Ontiv Premium Monthly - $9.99 per month
  • Ontivia Premium Annual  - $99 per year


While the platform is completely free to use, some features are locked behind the paid plans. Paid plans come with features like an unlimited amount of trimmed videos, text addition, and unlimited YouTube Playlist downloads. 


4. - Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Personal Use


Savethevideo is a web app that can convert all YouTube videos to OGG format. This converter works online seamlessly, and you don’t have to download any software or apps on your device. 


The MP4 converter has a simple, clean, and intuitive UI that users love. It’s suitable for both personal and non-commercial use. 


When it comes to video editing, this conversion tool also includes a video trimming feature. You can edit MP4 videos, and audio files online with a single click. Once you click on the cut button, choose how many videos you want to cut, and then download. 


Unfortunately, YouTube was recently removed from their list of supported sites. You can download videos from any other site, but not YouTube. This is why we’ve decided to keep this tool at the lower end of the list. 


But it still offers some useful features. You can separate and merge audio and video files that you’ve converted. You can also download subtitles and closed captions that are available with videos. 


5. Convertio - Cloud-Based YouTube to OGG Converter


Convertio is a browser-based YouTube converter that can download videos from all platforms. You can download videos directly from the website, you don’t have to download any additional software. You can use the app to convert YouTube files to OGG.


Convertio also allows you to cut, rotate, and flip your file. There are other video editing options when converting files to OGG. You can choose the video quality, aspect ratio, audio channel, and codec of your video.


All the conversions happen on the cloud and they don’t take away any resources from your computer. The only issue we could find with the service they offered is that you can only convert 100 MBPS at a time. 


You can upload videos from your computer or paste the YouTube URL to convert it to OGG. You can also use cloud storage and file-sharing services to upload files you want to convert. 


Convertio Pricing


  • Light plan - $9.99/month
  • Basic plan - $14.99/month
  • Unlimited Plan - $25.99/month


6. VideoProc - Fastest YouTube to OGG Converter


VideoProc is one of the best YouTube OGG converter that allows you to edit and convert YouTube videos to OGG format really quickly. 


The program allows you to batch download and convert videos. If you want to download and convert an entire playlist, you can do that with just 1 click. You’ll also be able to convert your YouTube playlists to OGG in batch within seconds. 


VideoProc can do this because of the level-3 GPU acceleration supported by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs. The website detects your GPU automatically, and then processes the videos. 


The YouTube to MP4 converter also includes 370 input codecs. It speeds up the video transcoding and processing while ensuring the file retains incredible output audio and video quality. The quality of the encoder prevents any possibility of the CPU crashing or overheating. 


VideoProc has an inbuilt downloader, allowing you to run unlimited downloads. Plus, there’s a video editor included for cutting, cropping, adding subtitle effects, and changing the aspect ratio as per your preference. 


VideoProc Pricing


  • One Year License - $29.95 - 1 computer
  • Family License - $57.95 - 2-5 computers
  • Lifetime License - $37.95 - 1 computer


7. YouTubeConvert - Best YouTube to OGG with Video Editing Features


YouTubeConvert is the last web app on our list that allows you to YouTube Video download and conversion. The only reason to keep this tool on our list is that it offers seamless video editing and conversion functionality. 


The YouTube to OGG converter is compatible with all Mac, Windows, and Mobile operating systems. It requires one of the best and most up-to-date browsers. 


YouTubeConvert has a link to audio and video cutters on the website. You can use their online  YouTube video cutter to trim your YouTube videos. The cutting tool can support the conversion of videos of up to 45 minutes. 


YouTubeConvert doesn’t just provide YouTube OGG conversion, there’s a separate method for cutting YouTube audio and video. Do keep in mind that you won’t be able to convert copyrighted music and content.