Top 20 Startup Directories and Startup Listing Websites in 2023

If you have just started your startup, you’ll need all the help you can get for promotion. Your first step should be to list your business on all startup listing websites. Based on the nature of your startup, you can choose the best listing website. 

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the top 20 startup directories and startup listing websites. Let’s get started.

What are Directories?   

Directories are the best places to promote your business and raise your online visibility. Some of the biggest directory names include:

On these websites, you can showcase your startup to a wide range of audience.

List of Startup Directories & Startup Listing Websites

The hardest part of any business is the startup phase. Along with employing the most effective strategy, you should exercise patience. 

These top 20 startup directories and startup listing websites will shape your business.

  • Product Hunt

You can advertise your products on Product Hunt. It acts as the stepping stone for your business’s growth. It aids in promotion as you can advertise and showcase your services to the ideal target audience. 

There’s also a voting system when your product gets a lot of positive reviews, your product would rank higher compared to other products in the same category. The platform can help your product go viral and help your business expand quickly. Over 90k people have subscribed to Product Hunt, and it's free to join.

  • HackerNews

HackerNews is mainly designed for technology-related startups. Here, you can share your product and receive feedback on it. You are not required to write or explicitly state that you are seeking feedback.

The platform that connects your startup with a technical audience. It has over 150k subscribers and there is no cost to subscribe! 

  • is a business intelligence tool. It aims to monitor thousands of tech firms globally. It allows you to build a customizable stream of businesses and introduce your product to tech audiences. There are over 7,000 users on this platform.

  • Reddit-Side Projects

Reddit-Side projects are the platform where you can get the best feedback. Users can have online discussions about any subject. If you're looking for a venue to share and discuss ideas for your company or if you just want feedback for your products/services, this subreddit is the perfect community to do so. 

  • Reddit-Entrepreneur

Reddit-Entrepreneur is one of the best places to post your start. You can freely share stories about your product here. Over 100,000 people subscribe to it. It means that when you tell your story, your audience is more engaged. 

  • Angellist/WellFound

Angellist (now known as WellFound) is a great platform to build a community and get seed funding. Users globally can also use WellFound to land jobs with some of the fastest-growing startups. 

With WellFound, you can expand internationally and grow your startup. You can get in touch with investors. 

  • SignUpFirst 

SignUpFirst is a great place for startups. Both customers and startup founders find it to be a valuable resource. If the product is still in the development stage, it is the perfect platform because it offers incentives to potential customers to try out new products.

  • VentureBeat Profiles 

VentureBeat Profiles is a great way to showcase your startup. It exposes prominent entrepreneurs to your startup or product. It is a very useful tool that is available for free.. Based on your profile, it provides you with updates and plans. 

  • Designer News 

You can share your product design on this platform and get the right feedback.  It has 17,000 subscribers who can register for free.  

  • Launch Sky (BROKEN)

Launch Sky is the best option for you if you can afford to pitch your startup or product to professionals so they can provide you with insightful feedback. The cost is $19. There are 10,000 subscribers already. 

  • Beta Bound 

This is the platform where you can test your products/services, particularly if you need to test an app. It's the best platform to receive technical feedback on your problems and gain insight into how to resolve them before launch. 

  • Feed My App

This platform showcases your products/services to the devoted fans of the platform. The cost of this platform was $9. There are about 5,000 users. 

  • Betalist 

It is worthwhile to register and complete the format and Beta list if you are okay with disclosing more specifics about your startup and product. It is growing quickly and can be a valuable resource in the future for startups. 

  • Launching Next

Every day, Launching Next assists in establishing startups. It is impressive because it links your company to prosperous business owners and comes with lost costs. 

  • Springwise 

One of the most incredible platforms, Springwise, covers all crucial aspects of your startup. Numerous new business concepts and innovations exist in the fields of health and education, life hacks, fashion, etc. 

  • Makerbase

Makerbase is a brand-new platform but widely recognized as a place to share your projects. When it comes to your startup, platforms should help you promote your products/services to their users.

  • KillerStartup

KillerStartup costs $197 for its services. If you can’t afford that fee, you can submit your startup for free, but it 3-6 months for approval to come through. The platform specializes in showcasing your product to the right audience. If you decide to use this platform, it will help your company rank.

  • TheStartupPitch 

Another startup directory is The Startup Pitch. To get your startup featured in a significant publication, send this to journalists. You will find a sizable community of subscribers here. The best part? It’s completely free. 

  • Mashable

Mashable is a consumer-based startup directory. You can find a wide range of subjects or anything else that might interest visitors here. Therefore, submitting your work here may act as a great promotion. 

  • StartupWizz

Startup Wiz is based in Florida, United States and it was founded in 2020. You can advertise your startup here and keep up with other business owners and investors' ventures around the world. 

Final Words - Top Startups Listing Websites

This concludes our list of the top 20 startup directories and listing websites. You can choose to list your startup on websites that feel perfect for your brand. All of these websites help you put your brand in front of a lot of fresh eyes.