Best Sales Acceleration Software for 2023 - How to Choose the Best One for Your Business?

Sales numbers are crucial for any kind of business. Without the right amount of sales, no business can survive. To get sales, you need to generate leads and then move those leads through the sales funnel. 


If these problems sound similar, then you definitely need to read this blog till the end. 


The market is becoming more and more competitive and businesses of all kinds are relying on technologies. This makes it hard for businesses to acquire new customers at the right speed. 


Fortunately, with the right type of sales acceleration software, you can increase the speed of your sales. 


To create this blog on the best sales acceleration software, we had to go through over 2 dozen software. Some of them were loved by the team, some failed to leave a mark. 


So, here’s our choice of the best sales acceleration software for 2023. 


What is a Sales Acceleration Software?


As the name suggests, sales acceleration software is a tool that helps in increasing the sales of your business. You can close leads faster, and convert customers with more ease. 


It also helps in building meaningful relations with customers of all kinds. These tools can help you in having a steady stream of sales all year long. 


But, not all sales acceleration software is created equal. Some offer better functionality than others, and some are built for one specific part of the sales cycle. Before you choose sales acceleration software, you need to know about the types of sales acceleration software. 


Types of Sales Acceleration Software


Sales acceleration gives a much-needed boost to your business, thus increasing your overall profits. Organizations can convert leads more quickly. There are several types of sales acceleration solutions, each helping with a different part of the sales cycle. 


1. CRM


Customer relationship management or commonly known as CRM help you manage customer data and information with much more ease. They can help you identify high-value prospects, manage interactions, and personalize experiences. 


2. Prospecting and Qualifications


33% of sales calls go to waste as they are made to unqualified leads. This is where leads prospecting and qualification tools come in. They reduce the waste of calls made to prospective clients. 


3. Email Tracking and Marketing Automation


With a tool that allows you to deliver automated emails based on the sales stage. You can convert leads more effectively. These tools allow businesses to keep track of their business performance and make necessary adjustments.


4. Quote-to-Cash


Quote-to-Cash software makes it easy for businesses to manage the sales process and revenue. It helps your sales team build quotes and manage sales. These tools can accelerate sales by streamlining account and revenue tracking.


5. Reporting and Visualization


Any good business needs the right set of reporting sales. The reporting tools can understand the performance of sales teams using reports, graphs, and dashboards, visuals.


6. Customer Support


Businesses need to take care of their customers if they want to retain them. Customer support tools provide sales teams to identify the needs of the customer and deliver relevant solutions. This also helps in bridging the gap between customer expectations and company performance.


Best Sales Accelerator Software






Sales pipeline management

Reporting and analytics

Automated workflows

Starts from $5/user/month

HubSpot Sales Hub

Email sequences

Intelligent routing

Reporting and analytics

Starts from $45/month


Document approval workflows

eSignature collection

Data encryption

Starts from $19/user/month

Zendesk CRM

Email sequence

Targeted lists

Built-in enrichment tools

Starts from $19/user/month


Drip email campaigns

Email tracking

Appointment scheduling

Starts from $15/user/month


  1. BigContacts


BigContacts is one of the market-leading sales management tools. It offers powerful sales management features. The tool keeps data organized better than maintaining on spreadsheets. This also helps in improving personalization for outreach efforts. 


Plus the remote access that this sales accelerator software offers makes it easy to stay engaged with prospects and customers anytime, anywhere. 


Features of BigContacts:


Keep track of sales opportunities and sales pipeline.

Monitor the effectiveness of sales operations using deeper reporting and analytics.

Automate repetitive tasks and follow-ups to improve productivity.

View all essential details such as social media activity, previous transactions, emails, special notes, and contact information in one place. 

Stay updated with future tasks, meetings, and events with a proper calendar.


2. HubSpot Sales Hub


HubSpot offers a huge range of features that makes it easy to stay connected with customers. You can use this tool to manage your sales pipeline. HubSpot sales hub also allows you to create a library of useful documents and also allows everyone in your team to access the information. 


Features of HubSpot Sales:


  • Strengthen customer relationships with intelligent chat routing.
  • Use sales enablement features such as quick onboarding, call scripts, etc.
  • Keep track of sales performance and build forecasts using reporting tools
  • Manage deals on the go with CRM application.
  • Build automated sales email sequences to keep up with leads effectively. 


3. PandaDoc


PandaDoc does an amazing job of accelerating your sales process. PandaDoc allows you to automate your documents to speed up the processes. With this tool, you can easily create documents, collect eSignatures and collaborate with team members. Moreover, the tools make it easier to share documents all across the team. 


Features of PandaDoc:


  • Keep all your documents secure with encryption
  • Build custom roles and permission for your team
  • Keep track of who accessed and signed particular documents
  • Use analytics to identify places that need improvement in your workflows


4. Zendesk CRM


Zendesk CRM offers a sales CRM that’s dedicated to boosting sales by letting you manage leads efficiently and crafting engaging customer experiences. Moreover, Zendesk CRM maintains all emails, calls, and texts against respective contact records automatically. You can also create automated workflows with custom triggers that boosts your sales productivity. 


Features of Zendesk CRM:


  • Build automated email and task sequences to enhance follow-ups
  • Improve targeting efforts by segmenting leads into smart lists
  • Utilize customizable email templates to engage with potential customers.


5. Yesware


Yesware allows your sales teams to improve their email marketing campaigns. With Yesware, you can automatically log outreach emails, thus it becomes easier for your sales teams to keep track of all the past leads. The tools also help sales to understand which outreach campaign performed the best in recent times.


Features of Yesware:


  • Multi-channel drip email campaigns
  • Keep track of a number of emails, clicks, and to find engaged contacts 
  • Improved customer follow-up
  • Send personalized emails to your whole email list
  • Use dynamic fields to customize the emails with ease.


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