Best All-in-One Marketing Platforms That You Should Use

Marketing today has become all about leveraging newer technologies. To succeed in businesses, you need solutions that are fast and offer a plethora of features. Marketers can easily go through the complications by using all the technologies that can help them to build, execute, and automate workflows. When marketers don’t have to spend a lot of time doing manual repetitive tasks, marketers will be able to focus on strategies. There are tons of all-in-one marketing platforms in the market and all of them promise to do the same. 


In this guide, we have discussed the best marketing platform solution that can simplify every aspect of your marketing process. With the best all-in-one marketing platforms, you can do almost everything including:


  • Media buying
  • email marketing automation
  • Multi-platform marketing
  • Customer support
  • Customer relationship management
  • Lead nurturing and so much more.


There are several tools available in the market, and they offer different features. So, how do you find the best tools?


This is why we made a list of the best marketing solutions. Let's begin.


Top-Rated All-in-One Marketing Platform


1. HubSpot


HubSpot is a great marketing automation tool that’s built for boosting inbound marketing strategies. These include content and search marketing automation features. You can also get sales and customer service hubs, which can be used by multiple departments of your business. 


The platform is famous for doing a little bit of everything, and not doing something perfectly. And a lot of businesses love HubSpot for this all-in-on approach they offer.


HubSpot is perfect for small businesses as it can help in automating a lot of things. If you want an all-in-one marketing platform, then HubSpot is where you should go. 


2. Marketo Engage


Marketo ranks number 2 on our list of all-in-one marketing platform. It’s a marketing automation SaaS tool that spans multiple channels and every customer engagement. It's easy to use Marketo to engage with your customers across every channel.


Whatever you throw at Marketo (email campaigns, digital advertising, social media, account-based marketing) it can do it seamlessly. Plus, you get a lot of amazing tools for the sales team. 


Marketers and sales teams can utilize technologies to build personalized experiences for customers, optimize content, and measure the impact of businesses.


Marketo is a great option for huge marketing teams, who can make use of almost every single tool on the platform. Businesses who want to build huge marketing campaigns across multiple channels should use Marketo.


3. MailChimp


Most people who hear the name MailChimp think of it as an email marketing software. But, it has now become more than that. With MailChimp, you can promote your business across multiple platforms. 


The MailChimp marketing automation tool is great at creating email marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can analyze your campaign’s performance so that you can make as many alterations as possible. There are features that can understand your audience and reach them when it matters. 


MailChimp is super easy to set up and the extremely user-friendly UI is the cherry on the top. You get tools like:


  • Email editor
  • Inbuilt contact management
  • Advanced segmentation functionality
  • 1 click automation
  • Audience split testing


MailChimp is one of the best marketing solutions for businesses that want to reach out to customers using emails. It is a heavy-duty tool and it does everything perfectly. Most importantly, you get drag and drop functionality.


4. SharpSpring


Almost all the all-in-one marketing platforms don’t perform as well as they claim to. SharpSpring is an end-to-end marketing service that allows you to identify and expand your lead base. You can track where leads are coming from, and how you can convert those leads. It offers a range of features and functions to automate marketing and sales efforts. 


If you use the tool in the right way, it can help you generate more leads. It offers behavior-based email marketing and integration with several apps including:


  • Google Ads
  • Salesforce
  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • Zoho


SharpSpring is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that want automatic ways to engage with clients. 


5. SendinBlue


Email marketing is still a vital way for businesses to generate leads and boost revenues. Any organization that uses email marketing should use tools that can make their lives easier. SendinBlue empowers businesses by connecting them with tools that improve user engagement. It also helps in:


  • Automating campaign management
  • Marketing analytics
  • Email campaigns
  • Transactional emails 
  • SMS messages


SendinBlue is one of the best marketing solutions as it makes it easy to create a campaign, send scheduled email sequences, and analyze campaign performance.


SendinBlue is great and it is effective for any business looking for an affordable email marketing solution. When you use the tool, it can solve complex marketing workflows and focus on reaching new users.


Conclusion: Best All-In One Marketing Platform


The right all-in-one marketing platform depends on your business goals. Even if you choose the best and most expensive tool, you won’t be able to get every single feature you need. But, some tools can get you almost everything you need. Please choose carefully as it will impact your marketing strategy.

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