7 Best Marketing Automation Tools to Use for Your Business

Marketing your business is a huge challenge if you don’t have the right tools in your hands. If you don’t have a team to handle your marketing needs, then you can rely on the best marketing automation tools. There is endless Marketing automation software in the industry, and you need to be able to choose the right tool.


There are differences between tools and the industry landscape, which makes it harder to make a decision. You need to understand the differences between the tools to make an informed decision. 


So, to help you out we made a list of the best marketing automation software. We did some research, and analyzed tools and finally chose the top contenders for our list of marketing automation platforms. 


Let’s start with our list of digital marketing automation tools. 


Best Marketing Automation Tools


1. Marketo


Marketo ranks number 1 on our list of marketing automation services. It’s one of the most complete tools you’ll find in the industry. It’s a feature-rich tool that helps marketers manage email marketing campaigns. And, it has some incredible tools for the sales teams. Plus, the in-built integration marketplace makes the tool even better.


Marketo is incredible for businesses that want to boost their marketing automation process. While it may not be the most expensive tool, it doesn’t also fall into the cheap tool category. If you want basic tools right now, and then grow accordingly, then you can choose Marketo for the features it offers. 


The best part is that Marketo has an extensive knowledge base that makes it easy for businesses to use the tool.


2. Eloqua


Eloqua is another great marketing automation software and is chock full of features. The tool is famous for its incredible level of service, but it may not be suitable for businesses with a limited budget. What makes Eloqua great is the amount of time it spends on teaching customers how to use the product. 


Truth be told, Eloqua is an enterprise-level software with great functionality. If you’re on a limited budget, then Eloqua isn’t for you. If you do choose to go with Eloqua, then you’ll have endless support and guidance from the company. It also offers a great CRM integration for most users. 


3. Constant Contact


Constant contact is a brilliant email marketing tool that’s dedicated to small businesses. It offers a simple learning curve so even the least technology-friendly users can take advantage of the tool. Constant Contact made its way on our list of best marketing automation tools because of its ease of use and affordability. 


If you’re a small business owner who wants a smooth and seamless email marketing experience, then you should definitely go with Constant Contact. But, if in the near future you require some advanced functionality, then you may have to switch. A tool is a great option for you if you like everything about it. The only drawback we could find was the lack of advanced marketing automation capabilities. 


4. Customer.io


The reason why we love Customer.io is that it offers a great deal of flexibility. You can do whatever you want with it. Plus, you can customize your experience with the tool, if you can spend some time developing it. It’s one of the newer marketing automation platforms, but it's making its way to the big leagues. 


Customer.io is great for two kinds of users:


  • Companies that are looking to get started with marketing automation and want a simple UI.
  • Companies who are looking for more advanced functionality with flexibility and customization.


5. ExactTarget


ExactTarget is a great marketing automation software that stands out for multichannel communications. Most marketing automation tools focus on emails, but ExactTarget takes it a step beyond and offers you mobile app notifications. 


Companies who want to go to the next level of marketing automation should use ExactTarget. The tool is great for marketing automation and wants to connect with the customers.


6. HubSpot


If you’ve done any prior research about digital marketing automation software, then you may have come across HubSpot. What we liked and disliked about HubSpot is that it does a little bit of everything. We can’t claim that it does something perfectly. HubSpot calls itself an ‘inbound marketing software', and it has a huge range of tools to choose from. 


HubSpot is great for small business owners and compared to Constant Contact it provides some more functionality than Email Marketing. If you want an all-in-one tool that provides you basic features of almost every aspect of marketing. 

7. Userfox

Userfox is another great option if you’re looking for the best marketing automation tools. The tool was quickly acquired by AdRoll after its initial launch. The team at Userfox has some incredibly talented people, as we saw during our research. 


Userfox is perfect for tech companies, so if you’re one of them then go ahead with Userfox. Similar to Customer.io, Userfox offers a simple and lightweight UI to the users. It’s designed to trigger emails based on events, which is a great functionality.


Final Take: Best Marketing Automation Tools


This concludes our list of best marketing automation tools. In summary, here’s our final take on the top marketing automation tools:


  • For Small Businesses: Constant Contact, HubSpot
  • For Enterprise Level: Marketo, Eloqua, ExactTarget

For Advanced Marketing Automation: Customer.io, Userfox