7 Best Lead Management Software for Businesses of Today

A lead management software is almost related to a customer relationship management software, but there’s a core difference. A lead management software focuses more on the sales pipeline.

With the right type of lead management software, sales teams can convert data into paying leads. But to do so, having a customer’s contact information is more than important. However, lead management software is different than CRM software.

Lead management solutions come in multiple shapes and forms. Some tools offer only lead management, while others offer some complementary solutions. 

I and my team spent some time learning about lead management software and how it can help businesses. We did some research and put together a list of the best lead management software based on their features.


What is Lead Management?


Managing leads is how any business can become successful. Lead management software help businesses guide the lead through the sales funnel and convert that lead into a paying customer. 


The process of nurturing the leads and converting them into sales is known as a sales funnel. A sales funnel has multiple steps, and in each step, some names are discarded. In the last step, only the leads with the highest chances of converting into a sale remain. 


A lead management software can reduce some workload from the management, so they can focus on other things. It can track and manage leads so they don’t fall off the radar. 


How to Choose the Best Lead Management Software?


1. Simplicity


Lead management should be simple to use for all employees. Salespeople should be able to create a sales funnel with ease. The best lead management software should act like a helping hand to the salespeople. 


2. Focus on Pipeline


Your lead management software should be able to put the sales pipeline at the center. Lead management software should have a clear route mapped out for the sales pipeline. 


3. Integration


There’s a demand for specialized software with a primary focus. This is why lead management software is becoming famous. Lead management software that runs on a SaaS model can be integrated with other tools to improve functionality. 


4. Team Management


The best lead management software can even help in team management. For a manager to do their job effectively, they should have a clear view of the sales setup. 


The software should be easy for managers to use and control. Any tool that aims to improve the interaction between team members can be deemed as good lead management software. 


5. Can Separate Between Cold and Qualified Leads


Any lead management software worth it's salt should be able to differentiate between cold leads and qualified leads. Many companies have to spend extra effort filtering the list of qualified and cold leads. 


If the sales team knows which leads are qualified, then they can focus on converting them instead of cold calling the whole list. 


The best lead management software provides the option to filter between qualified and unqualified lists. 


6. Mobile Access


A feature that’s often neglected while searching for lead management software is mobile access. You don’t always have your desktop with you, and you may need to access the sales data. 


The salesperson should be able to have their data all the time so they can make a clear decision. With a mobile app of the lead management software, the sales team can access their pipeline in moments. 


Best Lead Management Software


1. Apptivo - Best for SMBs and Startups


Apptivo is the perfect all-rounder of a CRM and lead management solution that fits all the boxes for small and medium-scale businesses. It offers powerful features, affordable plans, and a brilliant interface. 


All of this makes the Apptivo CRM a great option for those who want simple yet powerful lead management software. 


Pros of Apptivo:


  • Robust feature set with various customization options
  • Brilliant mobile application
  • Incredible security controls to prevent data leakage
  • 24/7 customer support


Cons of Apptivo:


  • Some customers have complained about the performance
  • Can use extended APIs


2. Salesforce - Ideal for Advanced CRM


Salesforce has been a market giant when it comes to CRM software. What makes them so great is their feature-rich offerings, innovative solutions, AI, and ease of use. Plus, the endless list of integrations makes it a great tool. 


Pros of Salesforce:


  • Huge list of advanced features and customization
  • Great performance
  • Can build effective workflows
  • Robust social collaboration features, and third-party app marketplace


Cons of Salesforce:


  • The learning process is a bit tough
  • Is expensive compared to other tools


3. Zoho CRM - Best For Businesses Already Using Zoho Solutions


What we love the most about Zoho CRM is its unbeatable pricing. Plus, they keep rolling out a range of new features and functionalities. You can customize the platform with multiple tools such as the Zia AI tool. 


Pros of Zoho CRM:


  • Huge feature list
  • Almost 100% customizable
  • Flexible AI layer on high-end plans
  • In-built gamification features


Cons of Zoho CRM:


  • Can be tough to learn
  • You need to pay for the top-tier plans to access advanced features


4. Freshsales - Best for SMBs with Basic Lead Management Leads


Freshsales CRM is another great lead management software. It can help small businesses and startups keep track of their leads quickly. Combine that with affordable pricing, integrations, AI Assistant, and customization options. 


Those who want the ease of use should definitely give this a try.


Pros of Freshsales:


  • Freshsales streamlines the CRM for small businesses
  • Reliable AI assistant
  • Extensive customization options
  • Various integrations to boost functionality


Cons of Freshsales:


  • No reporting features in the free plan
  • Finding the ideal plan for your needs can be time consuming


5. HubSpot


HubSpot CRM is one of the most widely known names in the industry. The solution is perfect for small businesses, and the platform offers a wide range of digital sales features. With these features, businesses can definitely keep track of their leads and convert them into paying customers. 


Pros of HubSpot:


  • Great features
  • The free version contains a lot of features
  • Can be integrated with payment gateways


Cons of HubSpot:


  • Some basic features can only be accessible at top-tier plans
  • Some features may be hard to understand and use


6. Insightly - Best for Quickly Scaling Businesses


Insightly is a lesser-known name when it comes to the best lead management software. The easy-to-use interface, high level of customization, and seamless data importation make it a great CRM tool to have. It can definitely improve the performance of your business. 


Pros of Insightly:


  • Data sharing and input is super ease
  • The interface is easy to understand and use
  • The platform can be customized according to the need
  • Easy integration with Insightly help desk and marketing apps


Cons of Insightly:


  • Expensive high-end plans
  • The lack of advanced features is noticeable


7. Sales Creatio - Best for Enterprises


Sales Creatio is focused on enterprise-level customers. It is straightforward enough to handle midsize businesses, but the features work best if you’re an enterprise business. The analytics and reporting functionalities make it one of the best in the industry. 


Pros of Sales Creatio:


  • Highly customized unified business solution
  • Comes equipped with highly CRM functionality
  • Sales Creatio helps SMBs streamline the sales funnel


Cons of Sales Creatio:


  • The trial period is too short
  • Customization lacks flexibility

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