Best Invoicing Software: Software for Billing in Small Business

Invoices help businesses get paid and pay money. The best invoicing software allows your businesses to create and send invoices straight to your customers. A quick Google search about “invoicing software” will bring up thousands of results. Unfortunately, not all of that software provides you with ideal solutions. Plus, you can’t enter sensitive banking data on any random website. So, we created a list of the best billing software for small businesses. 


These top-rated invoicing software have a wide range of features that makes the billing process easier. In this billing software, you can find some basic features such as


  • Creating estimates and proposals
  • Time tracking and expense tracking
  • Payment gateway integration


You can get all the needed software at affordable costs. So, to help you out, here’s our pick of the best software for billing in small businesses. 


Comparison of the Best Invoicing Software




Known For

Number of Invoice


$15 - $50/mo

Best for invoicing and Bookkeeping

Unlimited Invoices

Square Invoices


Best for product-based companies

Unlimited Invoices


$5.99 - $39.99/mo

Best invoicing mobile app

2 invoices per month - unlimited invoices

$39 - $69/mo

Best for invoices and bills

Unlimited invoices

Zoho Invoice


Best for small businesses

1,000 invoices per month


Top-Rated Invoicing Software for Small Businesses


For an invoicing software to claim itself best, it must have a lot of features, it should be easy to use, it should be mobile friendly, and most importantly affordable. So, which is the best software for billing in small business?


Well, the answer varies according to your business needs. But, here’s our pick of the top 5 invoicing software for small businesses. 


1. FreshBooks - Invoicing Software with Bookkeeping Features


FreshBooks Invoicing software is perfect for small business owners who want to invoice and bookkeeping software. There are a lot of features of FreshBooks invoicing. 


You can send unlimited invoices and estimates to your customers. Plus, there is some small automation in the software that helps save time. Based on the plan you choose, you may be able to get bank reconciliations, reports, journal entries, and some other features. Plus, the reviews are mostly positive from users. 




  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited estimates
  • Automated recurring invoices
  • Scheduled late fees
  • Client portals
  • Checkout links
  • Proposals


Pros of FreshBooks

Cons of FreshBooks

Unlimited invoices and estimates

Does not support multiple businesses

Supports 14  languages

Limited payment gateways

Brilliant customer support


Good mobile app



2. Square Invoices - Best for Product-Based Businesses


If you’re a product-based business, then go ahead with Square Invoices as your invoicing software. What makes Square Invoices amazing is that it's completely free to use. 


The tool is easy to use and has a highly user-friendly interface. There’s just one template for invoices, but you can change that if you want by adding your logo. Square Invoices allows you to send an invoice from your smartphone with the amazing mobile app. 


Plus, you get some other features that help you to grow your business such as


  • Estimates
  • Contact management
  • Employee management
  • Advanced inventory functionality
  • Sales tracking
  • Contacts creation




  • Automate recurring invoices
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Real-time tracking
  • Instant payments using SMS, email, or links
  • Contracts
  • Deposits


Pros of Square

Cons of Square

Unlimited invoices

Limited functionality

Great mobile app

Does not support multiple currencies

Great customer support

Not suitable for high-risk industries

Supports over 100 integrations



3. Invoice2Go - Best Mobile Invoicing App


Invoice2Go is one of the best software for billing in small business. Plus, the mobile apps for android and iOS make it easy to create invoices. The software is super easy to use and set up. It will take you just a couple of minutes to download the app, set it up, and send an invoice. 


You get some other features as well, such as expense tracking, invoice templates, time tracking, and PO management. What we like the most about Invoice2Go is that you can choose to send invoices in multiple ways such as SMS and mobile apps. If you don’t want to use an app, then you can go forward with cloud-based software.




  • Automated payment reminders
  • Invoice status tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Add billable hours into invoices
  • Share invoices using text, email, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android apps


Pros of Invoice2Go

Cons of Invoice2Go

Smooth mobile apps

Some features are not available

Satisfying customer service

Expensive compared to other tools

Unlimited storage

Few integrations

Simple to use



4. Bill.Com - Best Invoicing Software With Bill Management does everything other invoicing software do, but it simplifies the process. If you want a slow, smooth, and no-hassle process, then go with  You can take control of your accounts payable by reviewing the bills. 


You can even manage your receivable accounts using this software. With, you can get paid faster and easier. It makes it happen using automated invoices, automated reminders, contact management, direct payments, and more. syncs up with your accounting software, and it simplifies the process of managing your books. 




  • Automated recurring invoices
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Auto charge and auto pay
  • Status tracking
  • Automatic sync and reconciliation


Pros of

Cons of

Cloud-based software

Can be expensive for some small businesses

Strong security

Limited features

Unlimited users  (additional cost)


Unlimited document storage



5. Zoho Invoice - Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses


Zoho is a truly free cloud-based billing software for small businesses. It offers a lot of customizable features and supports up to 14 languages.  Zoho Invoice is not just a tool for invoices, it can build estimates, track time, expenses and more


Another thing that we loved about Zoho Invoice is the user-friendly interface. And the great customer support is like a cherry on top. Zoho Invoice has thousands of positive reviews from businesses of all kinds. The only place we think Zoho Invoice lacks is  the inventory system. If they can manage to improve the inventory system, they can easily climb to the top of the list. 




  • Customizable invoice templates
  • Invoicing in multiple languages
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Schedule invoices
  • Recurring invoices
  • Payment reminders
  • Customer portal


Pros of Zoho Invoice

Cons of Zoho Invoice

Free to use

No inventory system

Supports invoicing in 14 languages

Limited integrations

Good customer support


Multiple mobile apps



Conclusion - Best Invoicing Software for Your Business


Finding the right type of invoicing software for your business can be challenging. There are a few things to keep in mind before you make a decision. The cost of the software, the functionality offered, and the number of invoices. 

We handpicked the above options because they ticked all of our boxes. You can start off with the free options and then move on to paid options.

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