7 Best B2B Marketing Tools & Software in 2023

Marketing B2B is challenging. eCommerce platforms have the benefit of selling products to customers that they need. For B2B Marketing to be successful, you need to generate constant leads, track the leads, convert those leads into sales and then analyze data to make future strategies even more efficient. In the end, the goal of B2B marketing is to convert leads, not businesses. The basic fundamentals are the same. Over 40% of all digital marketers fail to generate quality leads, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right B2B Marketing tools and software, you can generate quality leads.


The perfect B2B marketing tools can make all the difference in your process of generating leads. The more leads you have the more revenue you’ll end up generating. It’s all part of the process. To help you make more result-friendly B2B marketing strategies, we’ve created this guide of the best B2B marketing tools and software.


What are B2B Marketing Tools and Software?


B2B marketing tools are solutions that help businesses market and sell their products or services to other needing businesses. As there are so many marketing challenges in the B2B market space, more than often you need tools and software to help you generate better leads. 


These B2B Marketing tools and software can help you automate most of the process. Automating b2b marketing campaign, managing leads and revenues, keeping up with social media channels. Fortunately, everything you can think of a B2B marketing tool can help you fix the problem. 


Which B2B Marketing Tools Do You Need?


There’s no limit to B2B marketing tools available out there, so how do you know which one can enhance your strategies? Moreover, not every business has a huge budget so you need to pick the tools that you need the most. To understand the tools that you need the most, you need to ask yourself some basic questions:


  • What is the biggest challenge in your day-to-day life?

  • How can you elevate the marketing and what do you need to achieve it?

  • What particular tool can and will elevate your marketing?


Top-Rated B2B Marketing Tools & Software in 2023


There are thousands of B2B marketing tools and software out there, and to make your decision-making process easier, we’ve picked one from each category. These categories include:


  • B2B marketing attribution tools

  • Lead generation and nurturing B2B tools

  • B2B email marketing tools

  • Content marketing and SEO tools

  • B2B marketing automation tools

  • Social media management tools

  • B2B marketing analytics tools


So, let’s dive into our list of top 7 marketing tools for B2B marketers. 


1. B2B Marketing Attribution Tools


As mentioned above, most B2B marketers struggle to generate quality leads. That’s mostly because they fail to track beyond lead volume. While you may be able to track form submissions, inbound calls, or live chat, you most likely can’t link that new lead to either:


  • An anonymous website visitor and their previous sessions

  • A closed opportunity down the line


In simple words, you can’t attribute revenues to a particular lead, and in turn, you can’t link it back to a particular marketing effort. But with the B2B marketing attribution tool, you can. With B2B marketing attribution tools you can track every lead, source, and website behavior. With these tools, you can log into Google Analytics and see all the revenue data accurately attributed to the channels that provided the leads, campaigns, and more. 


2. B2B Email Marketing Tool


B2B email marketing tools can transform the process of how you generate leads. ActiveCampaign is a great B2B email marketing tool as it works to support you in your lead generation efforts 


ActiveCampaign can help in generating leads and make sure that these customers keep on returning. Although, you get more than just email marketing. You can link your website and create new landing pages for generating leads, as well as forms that sit within blogs and primary landing pages to boost conversion rates.


3. B2B Tools for Content Marketing and SEO


There are a couple of great B2B tools for content marketing and SEO such as SEMRush, Moz, AHREFS. All of these tools can help improve the B2B marketing strategies and generate quality leads. With these B2B tools for SEO, you can identify keyword opportunities for new content, analyze competitors. For SEO novices and SEO experts, these tools can provide important insights that can act as the building block for maximizing leads through paid data and organic search data. 


4. B2B Marketing Automation Tools


Automation isn’t a basic necessity, and not everyone needs automation. But for bigger teams and businesses automation becomes a necessity and acts as a central tool for building other strategies. 


Hubspot is a leader in the industry offering lead management options alongside content production and distribution. Not just that, HubSpot also offers robust reporting and management options with other key marketing tools. 


Unfortunately, this automation comes at a hefty cost, but if you can afford to bear the cost, you can generate better leads than ever. Hubspot offers pretty much everything that you need to optimize your marketing process. 


5. B2B Live Chat Tools


Just being available to customers can be a great way to generate leads for yourself. With the B2B live chat tools, you can provide personalized pop ups to customers based on their activity. With this data, you can easily connect with customers and generate quality leads. 


What’s even better is that you can integrate the B2B live chat tools with other marketing tools. This way, you can generate new leads that are the direct result of the campaigns that you’re running.


6. B2B Social Media Management Tools


B2B social media management tools can be your key for generating leads from social media if you haven’t been able to yet. With these tools, you can plan, schedule, and analyze social media posts. 


Any of the top-rated social media management tools can help you achieve this goal. You can connect all your social media channels and platforms and automate every part of the process. Plan campaigns centrally with your team and analyze the results you get from these strategies. 


7. B2B Marketing Analytics Tools


Analyzing data is a major part of generating leads for your business. There are not many tools that come close to the analytics prowess of Google Analytics. While it has its limitations, it does offer some great insights into your campaigns, on-page and off-page SEO strategies. 


You can also use third-party B2B Marketing analytics tools to fill the gaps left by Google analytics. If you’re a small business with a limited budget, then we’d suggest that you Google analytics as your primary B2B marketing analytics tool. 


Final Words; B2B Marketing Tools


Based on your need for a B2B marketing strategy, the tools that you need may be different from tools that some other business needs. If you’re already paying for a CRM, then you may be already getting a lot of functionality from the above-listed tools. You need to build better data and build stronger strategies, you need to integrate some B2B marketing tools into the mix. 

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