Accounting Affiliate Software for Small Business

There are lots of accounting affiliate software in today’s world that are very useful and good for small businesses. Some accounting software is used for bookkeeping while some help in recording data systematically. These types of software are very common and more reliable for small businesses. These types of software are a time saver and very fast. They can help small businesses save time and it is very important for profit-making.  


We tested a lot of accounting software for this list. Here’s our suggestion for the top 15 accounting affiliate software:


Best 15 Accounting Affiliate Software Program 2024


There are lots of programs that can help small businesses to improve their day-to-day bookkeeping needs. Here’s the top 10 accounting affiliate software that we love. And, obviously, you can earn money by promoting these tools. 


1. FreshBooks


Fresh Books accounting software is used by 10 million small businesses in the entire world. This software is a time saver while getting paid faster. It is very good and capable to automate invoices, tracking time, and organizing businesses.


Users can use this application on their smartphones, tablets, and more. This accounting affiliate program is perfect for businesses with a small budget. Small businesses can afford Fresh Books with a monthly budget of $15-50 per month. 


  • Affiliate Program URL - FreshBooks Affiliate
  • Affiliate Commission - $5 commission for trial, $55 per subscription
  • Cookie Data - 120 Days


2. Webgility


Webgility is small business accounting software for automatic bookkeeping, stock, and accounting system. It can integrate with Net Suite or QuickBooks and 50 other different accounting programs. 


It can sync and forecast inventory, and also sync data in every direction. The pricing range of Webgility is between $39-$249. It is very useful to save time and also important to save money from unusual staff. The affiliate commission of webgility is mentioned below:


  • It affiliates with sales less than $10000 per month and earns a 5% commission.
  • It affiliates with sales of $10000-$20000 per month and earns a 7% commission
  • It affiliates with sales of $20000-30000 per month and earns a 10% commission
  • It affiliates with sales of $32000 and more and charges a high commission.


3. The Accountant Beside You 


The Accountant Beside You is suitable for churches, NGOs, small businesses, and other organizations. It can help in streamlining the accounting features of the business. The tool provides training resources to these organizations to improve their capability in accounting and bookkeeping. Some of its products include online courses on how to use quick books or basic bookkeeping skills, taught by Lisa Landon. They are providing some charts and templates.



4. Bean Counter


It is a bookkeeping tutorial store, not full-fledged accounting software. The tool offers e-books and videos. Their complete course includes 6 different interactive e-books, tests, and games. This program is available in CDs and download mode also. It provides practice courses to its users to learn about accountancy, bookkeeping, investment strategy, risk management, etc.


  • Affiliate Program URL- Bean Counter
  • Affiliate Program Sign Up - 50%
  • Cookie Data - 6 Months


5. Bench Accounting


Bench Accounting is another incredible accounting affiliate software. You can use the tool to render the services of a professional bookkeeper. 


The best part is that users can get person-to-person support when there are some issues. Users can also access intuitive reports that allow them to know their financial stand. The price range of Bench Accounting is $199-299.



6. Trupoint Account and Tax


Trupoint Account and Tax offer services for accounting, and business development. There are some other features that you can get such as:


  • Tax preparation
  • QuickBooks training
  • Royalties
  • Rights
  • Payroll
  • Industry Specialization 


The company also offers free consultation when you’re setting up the accounting service. So, you can set everything up nice and easy. It is a bit expensive, for instance, the business plans range from $875-3500, depending upon the need of customers.


  • Affiliate Program URL - Trupoint Affiliate 
  • Affiliate Program Sign Up - 10%
  • Cookie Data - Unknown


7. Quaderno


Quaderno is one of the best accounting affiliate software with endless features. It offers endless features such as: 


  • Tax accounting
  • Works seamlessly with 10,000 businesses


Quaderno is available in the U.S, Europe, Canada, Australia, and other nations across the world. 


The main functionalities of this application are automatic calculation and collection of sales taxes to enable small business owners to spend more time on other essential works. This accounting software provides a cash-in-hand refund policy for the customer for the reason.



8. Zarmoney


Zarmoney is an accounting software program for small businesses. The best part is that you can access the app directly from your smartphone. 


Users of this accounting affiliate software can enjoy multiple functions. Use an -in the app calender, and use customized statuses to work more closely with clients on projects. This helps in saving precious time whenever there is a change in their order. It charges $29 per month from small businesses and $350 per month from big businesses.


  • Affiliate Program URL - Zarmoney Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program Sign Up - $10 free trial sign-up, $60 subscription sign-up
  • Cookie Data - Unknown


9. QuickBooks


It is popular accounting software. It is being used for over 2 decades globally. This is the reason it is promoted by affiliates so much. QuickBooks is probably the best accounting software for small businesses. But, the high-end plans also offer functionality for large enterprises, and private accountants also. The subscription plans for these small businesses accounting software are given below:- 


  • $5 for self-employed
  • $75 for small businesses


This application is also available in desktop version and its charges are between $300-1155. 



10. Illumineo


Illumineo is another learning platform. It offers simple learning programs for audit and corporate finance. The company provides on-demand courses, webinars, and certification programs. And if you need, you can also get a live training program. It includes paid subscriptions, and the prices are:


  •  Full individual subscription- $299
  •  Enterprise subscription- $349
  • Certification program- paid individually


11. Online Tax Rebates Limited


Online Tax Rebates Limited is another accounting affiliate program that you can sign up for. It’s considered UK’s largest tax refund company and it has over 500,000 refunds to date for UK taxpayers. If you’re looking forward to signing up for an accounting affiliate program, then Online Tax Rebates Limited is something you should look into. 



12. OnPay


Haven’t heard the name OnPay? You probably will soon enough with the rate at this company growing. OnPay is trying to become the market leader in payroll benefits and HR solutions for small businesses. They have an incredible affiliate program and probably one of the highest-paying ones. Sign up for the OnPay accounting affiliate software today.



13. Zoho Books


We can’t make a list of accounting affiliate program without mentioning Zoho Books. Zoho Books is one of the world’s biggest online account software. Small businesses, medium-scale businesses, and enterprises of them can use it. They also have a generous affiliate program where you can earn a lot. 


  • Affiliate Program URL:
  • Affiliate Program Commission: 15% Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days


14. Sage UK


Sage is a huge name in the UK. It’s famous for offering a range of secure, easy-to-use, and efficient business management software. You can use sage for your business, or you can use Sage to earn money for your business. If you sign up for the Sage UK Accounting affiliate program, then you can start earning on every sale. 


  • Affiliate Program URL:
  • Affiliate Program Commission: 7% Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days


15. Sage Financials


Sage Financials is a cloud-based accounting solution. It's built on the Salesforce framework. It offers accounting services, analytics features, and reporting tools. It's an incredible tool when it comes to cloud accounting services


It has an affiliate program that you can sign up for. The commission rate can get a bit confusing as they don’t have fixed rates. 


  • Affiliate Program URL:
  • Affiliate Program Commission: Varies/Not Fixed

Cookie Duration: 30 Days


Conclusion - Best Accounting Affiliate Program 


Accounting affiliate software is very important in today’s world to ease business activity and it can help to improve the financial condition of small businesses. Small businesses can improve their capabilities after changing manual business practices to digital business practices. Our world is changing rapidly and every company should become digital to survive in this digital world. Through accounting affiliate software or accounting software or small business accounting software, small businesses can manage their accounting practices and finance. This thing will improve their capability and efficiency. Cost deduction will become profit-making for these small businesses. 

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