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MNS B2B Marketplace Terms of Use

1. Purpose

Our website ‘’ (mentioned as website), published by MNS Market Group (hereinafter, MNS), is MNS’s corporate website and all its solutions and services. Access, consultation, browsing and/or use of Website has to be under the full acceptance of this document hereinafter mentioned as Terms of Use. The Terms of Use dictates use of website, access, consultation, browsing or all the other parts.

Before the use of this website, all the users are encouraged to read the Terms of Use. If any user refuses to read the Terms of Use or doesn’t agree to any part of the Terms of Use, he/she is requested not to use the Website and all the services offered within the website.

Terms of Use of are accessible at all times at the website, any updates to the Terms of Use will be updated right away. If you have any questions regarding Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, you should contact us at

2. Intellectual Property Rights

The Website and all its elements including and limited to trademarks, logos, photographs, programs, source codes, data, databases, animated or non-animated images, sounds, graphics, videos, texts, downloadable content, layout, appearance, structure, and other elements not related to link toward third-party websites are all the property of MNS and subject to a license and work in its favor based on intellectual property rights.

Subject to the rights to use granted to the users by MNS, doesn’t imply transfer of license or allowance of use of elements available on the website for personal use. Specifically, any copy, reproduction, representation, adaptation, modification, distribution of all or part of the Website as well as part of its content. Use of any elements by any process whatsoever without our permission is subject to legal action.

Failure to comply with Intellectual property rights held by MNS can lead to prosecution on the basis of infringement action and/or an action regarding unfair compensation. This is without prejudice to MNS’s other rights, especially the right to avail compensation for damages.

3. Access to Website and Its Services

A user can access the website 24/7, unless in case of breakdowns, needed maintenance to keep the website running. To access this website, the User need to have a computer or any other device with an internet connection, the specifications of these devices will allow for the proper functioning of the website and all the services offered.

Generally, the User declares that he or she is aware of the risks associated with browsing websites and using online services and accepts them. Users acknowledge that the information that passes through or is stored may be intercepted based on the choice of MNS.

All the users are herein advised to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves against the instances of hacking, in particular by adopting a secure and ideal computer configuration, cell phone or any other device. This can be achieved by installing a firewall, anti-virus software or VPN service.

4. Services We Offer

4.1 Conditions of Access to the Website’s Services

To use all the services customers offered on this website, User should:

  • To be of legal age
  • To have the required capacity to benefit from services
  • To use the website and the services by complying with the Terms of Use

4.2 Access to Resources Available on Website

The purpose of all the resources available on the website is to provide the User with information on marketplace momentum and best practices from MNS experts, and industry experts.

5. General Obligations of the User

The user should use the website and the services offered in accordance with the Terms of use and shouldn’t use them for commercial purposes, solicitation or advertising.

By using the Website, the user agrees to not to:

  • Behave in any way that undermines the integrity, functioning or security on which the websites and the services are based.
  • Intrude or attempt to compromise MNS’s information systems
  • Attack or try to attack on the customer authentication and other security measures of our website
  • Collect, extract or use, in the information on the website whatsoever
  • In general, act in any manner likely to infringe the rights and interests of MNS.

6. Disclaimer of Liability

The website and the services offered in the Website are offered to users at fixed charges. Regardless of all the effort that goes behind the creation of this website, there may be some errors in the design and content. Our team works around the clock to provide the best possible customer experience by uncovering and fixing all the errors. MNS doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of information, quality, legality or suitability for a particular purpose of the website, the services offered and the content published therein.

The user is liable for the use of the website, the content within, the security and integrity of its data, hardware and software whenever he/she accesses the websites or services.

Based on these rules, MNS cannot be held liable for:

  • Any error or bad condition of IT’s user equipment during use or after use, as well as in case of impossibility of access, poor User user conditions.
  • Electronic or phone communications expenses induced by the use of user’s devices, which are borne by the user exclusively and not by MNS.
  • Any temporary, or total unavailability of the website during maintenance, technical issues, and any other unforeseen events are beyond the control of MNS.
  • Any consequences that happen to the user by visiting the third-party links on the Website or the services offered.
  • Any indirect damages suffered by the user
  • Any damages suffered by the user or a third party after the use of the website or the services offered on it that don’t comply with these Terms of Use.

In an event MNS is held liable for damages not mentioned in the Terms of Use, the liability will be limited to certain, real and direct damages. Similarly, under no circumstances MNS, its managers, employees and,in general, its representatives and partners, be held liable for any indirect damages that result from the use of the Website and the services offered.

7. Contract Assignment

Subject to the applicable law, the User agrees to the Terms of Use that bind him/her to MNS, may be assigned, transferred or provided, in any way to a third party. As part of the transfer of the company to a third party, these Terms of Use binding users to MNS will automatically be transferred to the assignee.

8. Language

These Terms of Use are written and published in English for transparency to the user.